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As soon as I can find the time, I plan to start listing and making available for download a number of scenarios developed for Arma 2.

Only five months ago I started playing this shooter/military suimulator and I already have by my count more than 40 different scenarios, most for the Chernarusian NarcoWars project.

For a map, click here:

One of the scenarios involves a nighttime rescue of 28 peaceniks and press members held against their will in Lopatino. Two US Special Forces teams are dispatched to get the hostages out. The building they are being held in, an abandoned machine shop, is wired for explosives, so that should the insurgents get wind of a rescue, the building will be destroyed along with 28 civilians.

The mission hinges on SF operators killing the officer charged with destroying the building who is at a command center about 100 yards from the building.

In the scenario, the two special teams each have a sniper (M40 TWS), while the others are armed with Mk17s with thermal sights and suppressors, or M249 SAWs. The main rescuing team, a detachment consisting of one operator with the suppressed Mk17 and a SAW operator, has to dodge an insurgent foot patrol, move quickly and dispatch the bad guy, then move to the machine shop and kill three lightly armed sentries inside.

Once the officer is killed, the rest of the teams both go loud and proceed to wreck havoc on the enemy.

The main team, played by the player, after killing the officer has to go into the building find the three sentries and kill them. Two or three shots each, and they are down. For some reason the sentries inside the building are bumbling boobs who can't find a target in the dark, so they die fast.

Then the site commander radios for extraction birds for the hostages, and then proceeds to direct civilian foot traffic, and defend the position against enemy counterattacks. Time is important because two more insurgent squads, on the death of the officer, are on their way and will arrive within ten minutes to counterattack.

Three Chernarusian rifle squads also participate in a diversionary role attacking from the southwest, driving into town then stopping.

Now, same scenario, this time with Chernarusian special forces. The main weapon is a suppressed 9mm Makarov PP-19 Bizon with a 64 round helical magazine. In the scenario the Chernarusian rescue team, this time with a PP-19 Bizon and a PK medium machine gun (7.62x54mmm), can hit the officer at the nominal range of 50 meters, then turn to the machine shop and attempt to kill the sentries.

However, unlike the with the US operators, suddenly the bad guys develop good night vision and they start shooting accurately at you once you enter the machine shop. Not sure why that is. Everything else works perfectly, the SVDs, the AK-74s, etc. But not with the rescue team in close quarters battle.

Very strange. Guess I will have to work on my CQB skills. What follows is the scenario description:

Major, the latest news is that the International Peace Group has managed to get 20 of their members plus eight journalists into Lopatino with an offer by the peace protestors to serve as human shields.

According to IPO's website, the human shields are there to protest the quote unjust and unnecesary war on drugs and against the people in Chernarus. We place ourselves between the combatants in hopes we can help achieve a real lasting peace in Chernarus. Unquote.

NAPA leadership has graciously accepted their offer and now has them imprisoned in an abandoned machine shop south of town. NAPA leadership has vowed to kill every one of their hostages if our Chernarusian Army proceeds with our offensive to retake Lopatino.

Last night's infiltration mission showed they are prepared to carry out that threat. The building that houses the hostages is wired for explosives and its detonator is set at an outpost about 100 meters north of the building. Our intelligence operatives say the first time CDF forces are detected, the explosives will be detonated and everyone inside the building will be dead.

The only advantage is that the operative tasked to detonate the explosives is none other than Hugo Kozlov AKA Koshki, a NAPA military officer so brutal and stupid only he could have gained this task.

The security setup in Lopatino is unlike anything we have seen so far. Usually, the NAPA leadership are sloppy and sometimes downright stupid with their deployments and security arrangements, but not this time. We count three foot patrols near the machine shop and three road patrols nearby.

Additionally, NAPA leadership has posted three armed guards with the hostages.

You have at your disposal two special forces teams, one hand picked team member for your team and a sniper. A diversionary force consisting of a Chernarusian rifle platoon will assault the area from the southwest on your signal.

Kozlov is your top targeting priority. He must go down first and with the first shot, because if he doesn't and he can detonate the explosives, we will have the blood of 28 dead civilians on our hands.

Once the hostages are rescued you must get them aboard the extract helicopters. Your teams can then withdraw from the area of operation so we may proceed with the offensive.

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