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What are the odds?

Only three weeks ago a new OKC sports talk station appears out of nowhere, on the Sooner Sports network. Less than two weeks later a story appears in Sports Illustrated magazine, sourced by alleged anonymous former unhappy Oklahoma State football players, likely cash strapped with allegations that can't be proven nor investigated in the year in which Oklahoma State is expected to compete for a Big 12 Championship.

How much pocket change would Oklahoma University football boosters have to pony up to get those cash strapped former football players to shoot their mouths off? $1,000? $2,000? A new job? Maybe a sliding scale for just how titillating the story is?

The best part would be just how cost free such operations are. No one in a college program is getting money. Just a little cash to a broke former footballer, and a nice fantasy cruise down memory lane.

It isn't like national publications have never made spurious allegations based on rumor and innuendo. The New York Times has built a now crumbling empire based on the pursuit of a paid agenda. How little effort it is for local journalists to go over the cliff with those writers with anonymous sources?

the NY Times has even won Pulitzers based on spurious and unproven allegations.

Until I can see and investigate at least half of the individuals who are making these allegations, tapes, reporters' notes, etc; the Sports Illustrated story is nothing more than a Sooner sponsored information operation. .

Well played, Sooners. You got Okla. State.

This time.

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