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Five teams are currently tied for second in the Big 10: Illinois (18-2, 4-2 conf.), Ohio State (14-2, 4-2 conf. ), Michigan (14-3, 4-2 conf.), Iowa (15-5, 4-2 conf. ) and Indiana (12-4, 4-2 conf. )

At this point it appears by Sunday the Big 10 will be an even bigger tossup than now.

We say that because Wisconsin (15-4, 5-1 conf. ), currently first in the Big 10 goes to Michigan Saturday. A Michigan win will tie Michigan with Wisconsin for first, and the rest of the teams, except Iowa; if they win, then we could be looking at a five-way tie for first in the Big 10.

How likely is a Michigan win?

In overall conference stats, Michigan and Wisconsin are neck and neck, with Michigan in the lead for free throw percentages at 76 percent, second in the Big 10. But as good as Michigan is in three point shots, Wisconsin is also good a three point defense.

When you look at overall conference stats, the stats are tight and it is hard to tel if any one team can dominate the other at this point.

A lot will have to happen, and since this five-way tie is based on good teams playing margin conference games, except Michigan and Ohio State, which both have their work cut out for them, we expect a five way tie to be a real possibility.

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