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Let us first admit that when Obama abandoned the Iraqis to their own devices in 2011, it was a fundamental and irreversible strategic error on his own, his advisers' and his supporters' ports.

Everyone who visited Rantburg.com between 2011 and last fall saw the burgeoning power of ISIS as they attacked their enemies and gathered their forces for their current campaign. And our feckless political class, from both sides of the aisle, did nothing to stop it.

Let us also admit that even if Barky borrowed his cajones from the wife or Jarrett, it would take much more military effort to restore the situation, than is currently in use. The airstrike strategy, AKA War from 10,000 feet, while the optics are great, and the hosannas from the press are terrific, are essentially a waste of military resources.

IOW, what Bush has done to to secure Iraq in 2009 was frittered away in favor of Barky's US electoral politics; all that blood and treasure gone, just so Barky can live Peace love and three Days of Music in the White House.

The Kurds may be able to take a chunk out of ISIS, but they won't hold out for long, not without outside assistance in the form of American troops, and for better or worse, only the US has the capability to effectively intervene in the issue and change the course of history. The Euros don't, nor do the Rooshuns or the Chinese.

At the moment the Kurds' only hope is that the ISIS offensive fizzles out when the Gawd of War meets the Gawd of Logistics.

Just my two kopeks' worth.

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