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We didn't get a chance to report on the St. Marys Gonzaga game, but by what we have read post game, it was an exciting game.

Exciting as in a defensive struggle for both sides. Even though Gonzaga star Adam Morrison scored 20 points in the game the Bulldogs were held to just 44 percent from the field and 28 percent from three point range.

St. Marys was also held to 41 percent from the field and just 25 percent from long range. The AP report gives no hints, but we can just about guess Gonzaga went man to man on St. Marys, forcing their three point shooters into make bad shots, much the same way St. Marys did with Gonzaga.

With every NCAA men college basketball, the raven hair golden boy of college basketball is Adam Morrison, who can apparently be stopped, but not by much. Let's face it, when your whole team put together can't make more than 44 percent form the field, yet your star player gets 20 points, the accolades being rained down on that guy are well deserved.

Gonzaga plays at Stanford next on Feb. 11th.

Stanford (8-3 conference, 12-7 overall )is currently tied with Cal Berkeley for second in the PAC10 and they both play Thursday at California. California is coming off a 62-60 win over Oregon who is currently 5th in the PAC10 at 4-7 in conference play and 10-13 overall.

California ( 14-6 overall, 8-3 conference ) is currently third in the conference in scoring and fourth in scoring defense. We believe that defense is going to mark a lot of games from this point on. This trend seems to be system wide, as in all teams regardless of conference are focusing on the basics, defense.

Defense, as in nearly every team sports will get you a win where offense just can't do it by itself. You can lose games with a great offense, but you will win games with a good defense, everytime.

But by all accounts Standford is a mediocre team and we expect Cal to dispatch them, maybe not easily, but Cal will win. Home court and their balanced strength on offense and defense will win it for them Bears.

To be fair, Stanford has lost their three conference games away against USC, UCLA and Arizona, all strong contenders this year with USC and UCLA ranked. They have also defeated 10th ranked Washington at home.

When Gonzaga comes into town it will be with Gonzaga coming off a five day layoff, where as Stanford will have a only three day layoff.

But you can't dismiss Stanford's home court advantage. This is one game when a mediocre team with a good record can show it can compete for the NCAA tourney.

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