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By Chris Covert

A total of 11 individuals have been killed in ongoing drug and gang related violence in Zacatecas state since Tuesday, according to Mexican news accounts.

A news report posted on the website of El Sol de Zacatecas news daily said that six individuals were found shot to death between the municipalities of Vetagrande and Morelos Thurday morning.

Locals reported the find to authorities after shots were heard around 0200 hrs. The dead included four women, one man and one youth. A number of the dead had also been tortured.

According to a news item posted on, the youth was identified as Jorge Armando Moreno, 13. According to the news report one of the females killed was Armando Moreno's mother, but that has not been confirmed and the identity of the others has not been disclosed.

Armando Moreno was detained and had allegedly confessed to three murders last February 4th, of the ten which were alleged. He was released only hours later. Mexican law dictates youths under the age of 14 must be released.

Armando Moreno was detained by Policia Federal operatives February 3rd along with 14 others including eight from Guatemala.

Elsewhere in Zacatecas one unidentified state ministerial police agent and one civilian were shot to death in an attack Tuesday night in Zacatecas municipality, the state capital of Zacatecas.

The victim was traveling with another police agent aboard an SUV around 2000 hrs on Bulevar Adolfo Lopez Mateos near the El Chaparral dance hall, when armed suspects intercepted the vehicle and opened fire. Another unidentified civilian was shot to death in the crossfire.

The other police agent and another civilian were also wounded in the attack.

Three others were killed in drug and gang violence in Zacatecas.

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