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A Forbes article about Mexican politics, and how President Pena may get his Pemex reform through the legislature with the help of opposition parties, and his ass protecting Pacto por Mexico.

A socialist wanting to move Pemex towards the private sector? The deuce you say!

>From TFA:

Though largely off the radar north of the Rio Grande, last month's local elections in Mexico provide an opportunity to read the political tea leaves south of the border. As the first elections in President Enrique Peña Nieto's term, the local polls in thirteen states and the gubernatorial contest in Baja California provide a partial picture of the electorate's view of Peña Nieto's first seven months in office.

The results were a mild rebuke of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which won approximately 55% of the posts contested, but suffered a net loss of 42 mayoralties--leaving a total of five million fewer citizens under PRI governments. However, the party is ahead in ten state assemblies, which will ease the eventual approval of constitutional changes considered in the upcoming energy reform. The results also highlighted the weakness of the major opposition parties following the 2012 presidential elections, given that they could only score important victories by running in coalition.

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