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The Texas at Okla. State game must have been a real stunner for Texas fans.

It just angers us.

We have always liked the Okla. State head basketball coach Eddie Sutton for his gamesmanship and his leadership with the students he coaches. But this last year, talent ladened with even more talent coming on board last year, Sutton apparently abdicated his responsibilities. ]

We were not too concerned about the bottle with Sutton. We were more concerned about how is troubles impacted Okla. State.

This Okla. State team, we know from the start, had the potential to become very competitive in the Big 12. The few games of OSU we did catch showed a team, very good on the court, but making mistakes you expect a first game rookie to make.

We saw a team that expected a sophomore, JameOn Curry, to take up the slack with the same great year he had his freshmen year, but the result was we a kid in over his head with coaches unwilling to bring on other players, or to even adjust their defensive scheme to help Curry.

The Texas game was a defensive show the likes of which we can expect to see in coming years with Oklahoma State. Fast paced with confident students taking the game to their opponents, stuffing that basketball down their throats..

Eddie Sutton, we hope, is gone. He had a great career, he did marvelous things for Oklahoma State, but he has shot his bolt.

The Texas game showed us in a crystal clear way, that new confident leadership sometimes is the difference in winning and losing.

We love ya, Eddie, but time to get out of the way and let Oklahoma State play spoiler in the Big 12, to have some fun for once.

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