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By Chris Covert

Going by statistics reported by the Associated Press, the number of denials on background checks between private buyers was less than two percent of private background checks, and less than eight ten thousandths (.0008) of all background checks in the preceding year.

At the moment the political controversy in Colorado surrounds the economic efficiency between the number of expected background checks for private purchases for the year, which was projected to be 210,000 or half the total projected for two years, and that actual number of background checks, which was 13,600. Apparently the Colorado legislature, currently owned by the leftist democratic party has asked for money to allocated based on the 210,000 statistics.

The money allocated, about $3 million, was based on an estimate provided by Colorado Legislative Council review. According to the Associated press report, the money was allocated so that the agency supervising the private check, the Colorado state police could hire 13 more employees to assist in the anticipated deluge. The report also said that it was unclear to the press just how much of the $3 million has been spent so far.

The news report misses the main point: Colorado leftists finally got their scalp in the background checks between private buyers.

Going by numbers extrapolated in the Colorado listings at, a total of 3,737 total firearms were available for sale from both dealers, who must provide background checks for firearms transfers even in state and private sellers, who up until the draconian law was passed has no such legal requirement.

That total breaks down into: 1,573 rifles of all types, 1,437 pistols of all types, 412 shotguns of all types and 315 revolvers available for sale in Colorado as of Saturday morning.

The totals for firearms dealers breaks down into: 503 rifles of all types, 593 pistols of all types, 158 shotguns of all types and 193 revolvers available for sale as of Saturday morning.

The totals for private individuals breaks down into: 1,070 rifles of all types, 844 pistols of all types, 254 shotguns of all types and 192 revolvers available for sale as of Saturday morning.

When gun for sale statistics are broken down further, the differences become stark:

For ARs, that is .223/5,56x45MM semiautomatics, the totals for those rifles for sale are: 147 for dealers versus 274 for private individuals.

For AR10s and similar semiautomatics that fire the 7.62x51mm round, totals of firearms of that type for sale are: 40 for dealers and 62 for private individuals.

For AKs the totals of firearms available for sale are: 16 for dealers versus 76 for private sales.

The same sharp differential exists for .45 ACP semiautomatics: 67 for dealers versus 119 available from private buyers.

The total of all firearms in the four major groups as listed is 3,737. Assuming that number remains constant month to month and further assuming that only a third of those firearms are actually sold, it appears the new law requiring background checks is running at close to 90 percent compliance.

The assumption should not be surprising. Gun owners are amazingly risk adverse as to gun laws, and if the assumptions are close, the law is very bad news for gun rights people. It shows that universal background checks will enforce widespread compliance despite what the major gun right organizations say.

Which is another way of saying the universal background check laws will be bad news for the gun grabbers, because now it boils down to individual rights. It appears gun owners themselves can't be counted on to enforce the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

The 2nd Amendment will have to stand on its own without all the statistics and statist rules that gun owners have allowed to overtake their rights.

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