Rooshuns warn Romanians over NATO basing deal subject logo: DONBASWAR
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A Russian Federation Foreign Ministry spokesman warned the Romanian government Sunday that its agreements to allow NATO troops inside its borders will be a factor in Russian military planning in the future, according to a Russian language news account.

Alexander Lukashevich was commenting about Romania's decision to end the law which limits NATO troops within its borders to 3,000 at a time.

Alexander Lukashevich said that Russia will "keep in mind the [Romanian] accommodation" of the "mailed fist" of NATO inside Romania's borders.

The warning is similar to the one issued to Denmark when it decided to be covered by the NATO antimissile defense shield, a system that proponents say are defensive and not aimed at Russia.

According to a news report which appeared in, Lukashevich also directed his warning toward Romanian plans to be included in a NATO antimissile defense shield, similar to Poland's and Denmark's.

Romania also is beginning work on an intermodal system which it says will help "expand the operational capabilities" of NATO, according to remarks recorded in a news item in the news website.

Romania recently marked its ten year anniversary as a member of NATO.

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