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The first round of the Big 10 is going to be some generally good basketball. Out of the six teams playing tomorrow, we like Michigan State against Purdue.


Defense, of course.

The Spartans are third overall in the Big 10 in rebounding defense in a tough league. They also rank in the top four in many other categories, including second in rebounding margin.

Rebounds are that important?

When your team is first in the Big 10 in free throws and field goal percentages tells us that if game go down to the wire, the last team you want shooting free throws will be Michigan State because they are likely to pound an opponent with rebounds afterwards. That means defense.

The Spartans poor showing in defense during the regular season could come back to haunt them during this tournament, but we don't think it will in this first game, and they may well blow passed Illinois in the second, except that Illinois is a team of such good quality.

Purdue only won three conference games this season. We believe this will be the best of the three games.

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