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This mission is among my first self made missions, and is truly a challenge in getting by the numerous enemy patrols without engaging. At the moment, there is no photo play.

The mission briefing follows:

Viktor Ustinov was one of the insurgents' best and most ruthless commanders during the war. He is also responsible for more civilian deaths through political pogroms of any insurgent commander. When the war ended, Naval Intelligence found that Ustinov had faded into obscurity.

Navel Intelligence found that in the last six months, Ustinov has surfaced as one of Chernarus' biggest meth dealer, and he is still into his old habits of conducting political purges in villages with leaders he doesn't like.

Two weeks ago one of his armed groups invaded a village in extreme northern Chernarus, rounded up and executed the police force, the mayor and her town council. Then he set his group onto the townspeople for three days of holy terror including rape, robbery and murder, all because a few townspeople refused to help with his drug labs. Ustinov personally raped, then shot the mayor himself.

The president has authorized the Chernarus Naval Command to eliminate Viktor Ustinov.

Ustinov usually travels with a small entourage including his wife, his secretary, and a female personal assistant. He also has a heavily armed bodyguard who travels with him. His secretary, Olga Medvedev is one of our operatives and is the main reason we know about his move tonight. Her handler thinks she may have lost her mother in one of Ustinov's pogroms, and that is the reason why she came to us with this information.

Ustinov is returning to Krasnostav from Russia by helicopter tonight with his full entourage. They are expected to arrive by 2300 hrs at the airfield at Kransnostav.

You and a spotter will insert by sea at a point just two kilometers east of the airfield, then you will infiltrate passed several patrols in the area undetected until you reach your firing point. You must be set up and ready by 2300 hrs. We have only one shot at this.

You are authorized to eliminate Ustinov, his command and the helicopter crew, but you will not fire on the females. Additionally, an unidentified Russian military officer will be at the airport. The notion of eliminating a corrupt Russian who is in league with Ustinov in his drug business is too great. You are authorized to eliminate the Russian officer also.

Once your task is complete, you will exfiltrate to the extraction point, then call in the extraction boat for your ride home.

Do not engage the foot patrols either inbound or outbound. There are too many of them. If you find yourself in trouble we will have two SU-25s standing by to provide fire support.

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