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This was the most fun, and yet most complicated scenario. I have another one which is similar but instead uses a CDF BTR rifle squad to hunt. This scenario takes a long time to develop because the player is required to balance stealth in the face of so many enemy, with speed in getting to the enemy artillery.

What follows is the mission briefing. At the moment, there is no photo play available to view.

Major, Chedaki criminals have moved a small BM-21 unit south and has started terrorizing Novi Sobor with sporadic rocket artillery fire.

A local Chedaki drug lord has promised to continue attacking Novi Sobor until his demands are met: use of fields surrounding Novi Sobor to grow drug and use of the old Kolkholz to process the drugs. The mayor has refused.

Since this enemy operation has begun, Chedaki forces have deployed a number of military unit which will make travel difficult.

The weather is terrible with heavy rain expected throughout the night.

Your strike team will hit a Chedaki road patrol south of Novi Sobor before proceeding into an area where a Chernarus army command post was forced to reteat to. CDF forces are gathering target acquisition data as we speak, so by the time you arrive, the data will be ready and your hunt can begin.

You will then proceed to the location given and destroy the enemy MRLs. When that task is complete, you will return to base.

You have several air support options available to you. A close air support unit is ready at the CAF airfield in Miroslavl, but those aircraft are at least ten minutes out from eastern Chernarus. Your tactical situation will determine whuich air support option is best suited touse.

All the best, Major

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