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LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP ) is an industry wide acronym for the service stack used to drive most websites which have dynamic content. MySQL is the world's best known and most popular web based database. Apache is the world's most widely used web server software, and Linux, of course is a rapidly up and coming piece of Unix technology, thought tobe getting closer to rivally Windows in desktop computing.

Now comes SCO which offers its version of Unix and the web server stack calling it SCAMP. To our company, it's just CUTE.

Procyon Data Services Company offers BAPP ( BSD, Apache, PostgreSQL and perl ) for websites we host. In fact this very blog is based on BAPP.

We plan in the coming few weeks to offer some exciting internet products based on BAPP, including a low cost e-commerce service for small businesses.

We also offer this blog software as a low cost alternative to other blogging services. We've kept this software simple and easy to use so that virtually anyone can run a blog, and sell ads to maker a little money on the side.

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