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I have yet to complete this scenario as it is very long and very difficult. As such no photo play is available.

An eight man Chernarusian special forces squad returning from a snatch mission was attacked by snipers with the East African Islamic Front (EAIM) near the hamlet of Djoba, about 300 meters from Rorkski's Drift. The snipers managed to wound the two civilians of the three personalities, forcing the unit to encamp at Djoba. The delay has enabled EAIF to mass forces to attack Djoba.

The site commander received a message from a Chernarusian drone operator that close to 200 fighters are expected to begin their attack at around dusk (1730 hrs). The regional American commander has dispatched a USMC armored amphibious unit consisting of one AAVP rifle squad and one AAVP to be used to evacuate the civilians, but they are not expected to arrive until midnight (0000 hrs, August 8th). One US Navy F-35B flight will be available for airstrikes at around 2200 hrs and another at midnight, but none of the aircraft can be patched into Chernarusian radio nets since there is so little time. The Chernarusian regional commander has dispatched a weapons team by boat, which is expected to arrive around 2100 hrs.

Initially, the EAIF is expected to launch three attacks, all within 20 minutes of one another using 21 fighters per attack, and then one attack per hour until midnight. Additionally, any number of enemy patrols will be in the area, and could take part in the general attack. The battle is lost if any of the two civilians or one military are killed.

The squad received ammunition supplies (three crates of small arms ammunition) and two additional medical personnel by helicopter (MI-17) an hour before. The wounded personalities could not be moved at the time of the supply drop. The helicopter left the area of operation quickly, since it was close to the end of its fuel.

The three personalities must evacuate via the USMC ground detachment.

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