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Major, Captain Pavlov's spetsnaz team on a deep recon patrol near Cruce was redirected to Cruce to rendezvous with an American SEAL team and SAD team pinned down by African rebels and Takistan militia forces. The SEAL team parachuted there to escort three personalities, but before they could effectiely make the transfer, the enemy hit the town on two sides. The Humvee the SAD team was using was damaged beyond repair. Ammunition supplies are very low, and communications were cut off about an hour ago. The last report the Americans have is that a company size enemy force including armor vehicles is massing to storm the town.

Two African rebel squads have cut off the Americans from the south, so your team will encounter them first before getting into town.

Your strike team and a weapons squad will land by boat about two kilometers southeast, hump it with all due haste into town. A US Navy helicopter is standing by and is patched into to your radio net. Once you have made contact, you will inform the American commander about the situation, so they can get their people out. In the meantime, your team and Captain Pavlov's team will hold the town for 60 minutes, before exiting the area, rendezvousing with your transport ships.

You will have a Pchela drone available, and your team will move an SPG-9 into town to help against enemy armor.

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