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Major, Chernarus naval intelligence just received word that a Molation Army detachment is being sent to Cruce as a punitive measure for hosting the evacuation of the three personalities your team assisted two days ago.

The American regional commander says that at the moment, no other ground forces are available to counter this raid, so our forces, and an American tier one team are the only forces available. The American team will infiltrate into town, and attempt to block enemy incursions into town. The commander also has made four US Navy ground interdiction aircraft (F/A-18Es) available for airstrikes.

According to wireless intercepts, the Molations are sending a BMP-2 rifle section consisting of two BMP rifle squads and a T-55 tank platoon to town with the intention of punishing the residents. Additionally, several enemy patrols are expected to be in the area, including some light technicals.

The American team will act independent of your command, but may call for help in evacuating. If not, the tier one team will evacuate aboard their Humvee at the same time as your team.

Your team and a weapons team will land by boat at MLZ1 and move with all due haste to a location south of Cruce overlooking town to set up your AT-4 Fagot ATGM. It is recommended your teams have as many RPGs as they can reliably carry as well as at least one PK machine gun.

Once the enemy forces come into range, use the airstrikes first to destroy as much of the enemy forces as possible before you use the ATGM.

Your task is to prevent the Molation force from entering town, if possible by destroying all enemy armor and their infantry.

A total victory means all enemy armor is destroyed, and Cruce is unoccupied by any Molation element.

Once the outcome has been determined, your teams will evacuate the area and extract by boat.

All the best, major.

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