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Posted by: badanov

Lord have mercy!

Terrell Owens in Dallas.

Between Jerry Jones and T.O. Dallas isn't big enough for both egos.

Wide receivers in the NFL with its recent focus on the passing game ( to make pro football more exciting ) are like centers. They are a dime a dozen, and there are few really good ones. And few of the good ones are rarely worth the money they are paid. Only the great ones are.

Yes, Owens is a star, and yes, Owens is at the top of the heap as a wide receiver, but Owens is a franchise. He is an average team player. The team won't be any better with him and unlike great athletes, his play won't make anyone else better at Dallas.

The only advantage to this deal is for T.O, and the press, for all the ink he will cause to be spilled from his antics, both on and off the field.

We bet Dallas Plowboy fans won't be as amused.

At least quarterbacks won't have any problem finding him down field; just aim for the biggest head. That will be Terrel Owens.

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