Special Forces Operation near Krasnostav subject logo: MILGAM
Posted by: badanov

On early Tuesday morning a Chernarus private contractor special forces team was sent to an area south of Krasnostav with the task of eliminating two rebel operatives, Ivan Platanov and Annet Rulin.

The operatives were backed up by a large rebel force and with instructions to re-establish rebel control in the area. The operation was supported by two CDF Mi-24 attack helicopters and a CNF SU-25 ground interdiction fighter.

Despite running into a foot patrol a little bit south of the area of operation, the specops team managed to penetrate rebel defenses and eliminate the enemy operatives. The team commander seized documents from the person of Rulin.

One CDF MI-24 helicopter was shot down with the loss of the air crew. The team retruned to ship safely. Documents seized confirmed what Chernarus Coastal Operations Group recon staff long had suspected that rebels are in the beginning stages of another build up in the area.

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