Early morning raid in Vilkkila, Virolahti, July 2nd, 2020 subject logo: MILGAM
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Early Thursday morning, a task group from 1st Bn 2nd Separate Naval Infantry Brigade was sent to Vilkkilaa in Virolahti to eliminate two rebel operatives.

The operatives, Simeon Sevic and Xhuli Martini, took over the town the night before and were planning to fortify the area. Rebel forces there were already imprisoning people suspected of spying, and rumors were some were executed.

The task group landed by assault boat deep in the rear of the enemy area of operation, and began, through use of heavy rifle fire and maneuver, penetrated the rebels' defense, destroying the rebel's deployment. On the way, Chernarus naval infantry destroyed supply trucks and several enemy vehicles.

Both operatives were eliminated by other squads in the group. The commander found Martini and seized documents on her person.

Rebel quick reaction forces began arriving just as the marines began to withdraw. Marine rifle and artillery fire kept the enemy relief forces at bay long enough to enable the escape.

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