Civilian evacuation in Gunkizli subject logo: MILGAM
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On early Saturday morning an armored group was organized from 1st Bn, Chernarus 13th Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade to oversee the evacuation of civilians from the town of Goztepe.

The civilians were ordered out by the town mayor when they reported receiving threatening texts and emails from rebel commanders. The Chernarus brigade commander ordered two trucks to be sent to the town along with the task force to enable the evacuation.

Along with way, friendly troops encountered two separate foot patrols, but they were dispatched quickly.

The town was probed in two places by rebel rifle troops and technicals, but attempts to penetrate defenses were ended quickly. The civilians were evacuated safely, while friendly troops' losses were very light.

The task force's air cover, an MI-24 landed damaged, and ordered abandoned. The pilots were evacuated aboard 3rd squad's BTR.

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