Special Operations in Skippari in Virolahti subject logo: MILGAM
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Late Monday night a private contractor special forces group was ordered to return to Skippari in Virolahti to eliminate two new operatives who has just taken over town in the wake of the last operation.

Jovan Duka and Manja Novakovic had taken over operations and entered town with the intention of continuing their work in establishing a supply transshipment point for rebel forces.

On the way to Skippari, the team encountered two machine gun technicals. The team eliminated one and chased the other one off. With the help of two USMC F-35B fighters, the team penetrated the towns defenses. The fighters eliminated no fewer than four technicals.

The active air cover enabled the location and elimination of the two criminal operatives.

The team also rescued three prisoners. Naval intelligence said the prisoners were three humanitarian aid works who had ran afoul of the rebel operatives.

On the return leg, the team, with their released prisoners, encountered a rebel rifle group sent out to search for the team. The enemy rifle team was eliminated, so the mission could continue.

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