Special forces raid on Olsha in Chernarus, July 7th, 2020 subject logo: MILGAM
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Late Tuesday night, a Chernarus private contractor special forces team was sent to Ol'sha in northeastern Chernarus with orders to eliminate two rebel operatives.

Simeon Piscevic and Margarita Tikhanova led a small rifle-technicals group to the town after it previously was abandoned by rebel forces, and were planning to demand tribute from the hamlet's residents and from others in the surrounding area.

The team penetrated the hamlet's defenses under air cover provided by an MI-24 attack helicopter. The operatives were found and eliminated, and important documents were seized from the dead body of Tikhanova.

On the retreat back to the ship the team encountered a rebel foot patrol and at least one infantry pursuit element. All enemies were eliminated or were dodged.

The team made it back to ship safely.

Naval intelligence has yet to comment on the information found at Ol'sha.

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