Khuzhadon in Beketov Combat Operation, August 1st, 2020 subject logo: MILGAM
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On Saturday morning elements of 1st Bn, Chernarus 17th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to the attack against a rebel technical/rifle group which entered east Khuzhadon in Beketov early Saturday morning.

The main task for CDF forces was to locate and eliminate the rebel operatives, Ivan Albanez and Bojana Dobrojevic, who were preparing to evacuate some civilians to be used in their criminal activities.

The task force assembled closed to Khuzhadon with 3rd squad attacking the eastern side of town with command squad hitting the west side, and 3rd squad in a tactical reserve position just north of the Treshka River.

CDF forces quickly located and eliminated the two operatives, and eliminated several enemy riflemen and two technicals in the process. The commander seized documents from the dead body of Bojana Dobrojevic.

Casualties were heavy with 3rd squad being wiped out and a ATGM BRDM scout car destroyed in the early going. Command squad lost one.

Documents seized included directives from rebel commanders about preparing for additional operations north of Treshka River.

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