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The inset map shows the Murmansk area as it was on June 22, 1941.

On the northern part of the map you can see the headquarters for the Soviet Northern Fleet was at Polyarnii on the river estuary leading to the port of Murmansk. Polyarnii is still to this day a Russian naval base. On this map Polyarnii is indicated also as an airbase.

However, we know two other aerodromes existed at Penchenga and at Murmansk

The map also shows the only element of the Soviet Northern Front ( and later Karelian Front ) was the 14th Army.

The other armies. the Soviet 7th, 54th and 23rd were all part of the Leningrad Front. 54th Army, as a practical matter was forced to manuver towards the south and it was later assigned to the Soviet Northwestern Front.

Lenningrad had a large naval aviation component for the Soviet Baltic Fleet, much larger than the Northern Fleet, as well as the Leningrad Frontal aviation, and a rather large PVO (Air defense ) component which included several air regiments of fighters, mostly I-15s and I-153s.

Like the Leningrad Front and the Soviet Baltic Fleet naval aviation, the Northern Fleet's only modern aircraft was the MiG-3 assigned to the seperate air recon regiment of 40 aircraft.

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