Combat Summary, August 13th, 2020 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from August 7th to August 13th, Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an increased pace.

Chernarus Defense Forces, Air Forces and Naval Forces have engaged in seven separate operations against rebel forces in four regions.

1) On Thursday night a combined arms force from 4th Bn, Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade received a warning order from brigade command staff that a large rebel armor force was heading towards Ratzlingen in Rosche.

The main force formation initially encountered two enemy spearheads, one a technicals group which hit the logistical tail a half kilometer west of Gross Ellenburg, and an enemy rifle group two kilometers south of Ratzlingen. The technical attack essentially blocked the main supply route for CDF forces.

Rebel armor struck friendly positions in Ratzlingen hard, and initially were stopped. However, several enemy BMPs and tanks penetrated the cordon setup by the CDF force. During these attacks, the force commander was killed.

At that time, appearing all control had been lost in the situation, the force second in command requested and received orders to abandon the objective.

Since rebel armor had penetrated the defensive perimeter, it was assumed the task force was surrounded. The technical attack was thought to be a prelude to a large attack to come from the east.

When reinforcements (which originally were ordered to help in Ratzlingen) arrived, the remnants of the CDF force began their retreat south. The reinforcments helped break the technicals block before pushing on to the area of operation.

Casualties were heavy. Command squad lost five and its BTR, 2nd squad lost one and 3rd squad lost five and its BTR. Additionally, one tank was destroyed and another abandoned because of a mobility hit. The crew was rescued by the remaining tank for transport out of Ratzlingen.

When reinforcements arrived, the commander launched a separate operation to recover command squads BTR and a tank.

Field reports say the rebel lost two MBTs and four BMPs.

2) Also on Saturday morning, a task force from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 17th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to Veremeevo in Beketov to locate and eliminate two rebel operatives, Grigoriy Bukharin and Laurenta Hitaj, who were in command of a rifle/heavy armor group which had taken over the town.

Veremeevo was heavily defended with one T-55 and one BMP-2 in town to provide heavy fire support for the rebel command.

Chernarus forces attacked with town with the support of two SU-25 ground interdiction fighters and one MI-24 attack helicopter. 2nd and 3rd squads hit the town from the south while command squad hit the town from the west.

Command squad entered the town and was immediately pinned down by the BMP-2. Commander tried without success to eliminate the armor vehicle with artillery fire. Eventually an RPG gunner destroyed the vehicle allowing command squad to continue its mission.

Despite being under heavy fire from both rebel armor and friendly aerial vehicles attacking them, commander squad located the operatives and eliminated them. Commander also seized some critical intel documents from the dead body of Laurenta Hitaj.

Casualties were heavy. Command squad lost six, 2nd squad lost six and 3rd squad lost ten. Also, a BRDM ATGM vehicle was destroyed. The MI-24 suffered damage, but was able to return to base safely.

3) On Saturday morning a task force combined from 1st Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Briade was ordered to attack Dolina after a rebel force invaded the town under the cover of darkness.

The main mission was to locate and eliminate two rebel operatives, Pavel Belobodorov and Hasna Jaho, who led the rebel force to return again since last week.

Friendly forces struck into the southern sectors of town. A rebel grenade launcher vehicle temporarily pinned down command squad, but the obstruction was cleared after five minutes by 2nd squad. During the this time the task force command was wounded, but was revived to continue the mission.

Command squad, leading the assault found and eliminated both Pavel Belobodorov and Hasna Jaho; and seized secret documents from the dead body of Jaho.

Battalion recon staff had wondered why rebel forces returned to Dolina only to found out that a mass grave of 17 civilians was the reason why. Friendly forces accomplished all objectives and left before rebel reinforcements could arrive.

Casualties were extremely light for friendly forces with 2nd squad losing none, 3rd squad losing two and command squad losing none. The task force commander was subsequently killed while engaging a rebel foot patrol about a kilometer south of Dolina.

4) Brigade recon and operations staff issued a warning order to 4th Bn, Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade about a potential attack on Batensen in Rosche Sunday afternoon.

The task force assembled arrived in Batensen ahead of the rebel force and took up positions north of town. The attack took place in three phases.

The first phase was a rifle attack on the eastern wing of the defensive setup. Rebel forces encountered a tank, 3rd squad and a BRDM scout car. 3rd squad counterattacked after defeating the rebel force, then retreated back to their positions.

The 2nd phase was a combined technical/light armor attack on the road leading into Batensen. Those vehicles and a separate rifle attack further north were defeated by CDF armor.

The third phase involved a heavy armor attack on the western wing of the defensive setup, Field reports said friendly tanks destroyed no fewer than four BMPs and one T-34/85.

Some rebel infantry managed to infiltrate along the western edge, but the force was discovered and destroyed during the CDF retreat.

Both SU-25 ground interdiction fighters were shot down with the losses of the aircrews. 2nd squad and 3rd squad each lost one.

The retreat from town was completed in good order.

5) Early Monday morning a Chernarus naval spetsnaz team landed on the southern coast of Vis with the mission of extracting a pair of informants who were working for NATO and Chernarus Naval Forces.
v The team received word Sunday night that a small rebel force entered town and were conducting house to house searches trying to find them. This presumably after a burner phone was found in the apartment they shared.

The special forces team penetrated the town under the cover of a pair of Greek air force ground interdiction fighters, and successfully recovered the agents.

The agents were then transferred to a Chernarus naval landing boat standing by, and the spetsnaz team safely returned to ship. No casualties to report.

6) Early Wednesday morning a Chernarus naval spetsnaz team landed on the southern coast of Vis with the mission of eliminating two rebel operatives who had taken over a town near the southern coast.

Last intelligence said that Agim Gojaj and Ana Senicar were planning to establish a pirate base and were planning to force the local population in helping them.

Although air cover was called, it never arrived, but, despite that, the team managed to penetrate the town's defensive perimeter, find the two operatives and eliminate them both.

Critical documents found on the dead body of Ana Senicar confirrmed the rebel commanders' plans for the area.
v One Chernarus spetsnaz operator was killed trying to engage the operatives' security detail, before the command and the rest of them team destroyed the shooter.
v The remainder of the team made it back to ship safely.

7) A task force from 1st Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was sent to Staroye in Chernarus Thursday morning by brigade command staff after learning the town was taken over by rebel troops.

Specifically, the task force was ordered to locate and eliminate two unidentified rebel operatives and to recover a dead drop somewhere north of town.

The mission was abandoned when the commander was killed trying to assault a position held by a rebel AGS technical.

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