Combat Summary, August 21st, 2020 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from August 14th to August 20th, Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a decreased pace.

Chernarus Defense Forces, Air Forces and Naval Forces have engaged in five separate operations against rebel forces in two regions.

1) On Friday afternoon, an amphibious rifle group from 1st Bn, Chernarus 2nd Naval Infantry Brigade was ordered to the attack at a location south of Sumari Island in Virolahti where rebel forces had taken over.

The rifle group was ordered to locate and eliminate two rebel operatives, Enver Hohxa and Dasha Bilyalova who led the force and were planning to exploit the area for their criminal enterprises.

The landing was performed under heavy fire from a rebel heavy machine gun technical and a rifle group on patrol just a few meters south of the location.

Once ashore the marines eliminated resistance and penetrated into the rebels' perimeter to clear the area.

Both rebel operatives were eliminated, and critical documents were found on the dead body of Bilyalova. Naval intelligence is analyzing the documents for clues on the rebels' next moves.

Casualties were moderate. Despite their landing zone coming under intense rifle fire, the Chernarus Naval Infantry, with the help of naval artillery and smoke fire, managed to stop the rebel rapid reaction forces' attack, mount their assault transort boats and leave.

2) Saturday morning an amphibious naval infantry rifle group was tasked with attacking the town of Vilkkila in eastern Virolahti, where a large rebel force had invaded just the night before.

The primary task for the rifle group was to locate and eliminate two rebel commanders, Aleexi Yakovlev and Svetlana Zhukova. Both were known by naval intelligence as ruthless operatives with a number of executions to their names.

The rifle group landed close to the rear of the rebels' defensive setup, enough so major firefights took place before the naval infantry even wheeled around to the south.

All three rifle squads ran into heavy fire from rebel technicals, including an AGS gun and an SPG-9 vehicle. Commander was wounded but was treated before continuing the operation.

The rebel commanders were found and eliminated, and critical documents were found on the dead body of Zhukova.

Command squad and 2nd squad both ran into heavy fire from the north as rebel rapid reaction forces began to arrive, and as they boarded their boats for the evacuation.

3rd squad became separated from the main body. The naval task force commander attempted to mount a heliborne rescue mission of 3rd squad which by then has been cut from 12 to just three. But before the operation could move, 3rd squad was wiped out.

Casualties were heavy. Command squad lost two and one more during the evacuation. 3rd squad lost five, plus their transport boat.

Captured documents revealed nothing new to analysts with naval intelligence other than rebel forces will continue to filter to the south and take over hamlets and villages.

This operation represents the first time the new Chernarus Naval Forces destroyer, ChMSL Admiral Grigoriy Potemkin, deployed to a combat zone.

3) Early Sunday morning a Chernarus private contractor special forces team was sent to Jarvenkyla in Virolahti to eliminate two rebel operatives, and to extract three prisoners being held there by rebel forces.

The mission was punctuated by intermittent heavy rains and rough seas, which made seaborne navigation difficult.

The operatives, Simeon Piscevic and Helena Tereshkova, took over the village of Jarvenkila the morning before and were in the process of setting up a supply base in town in support of further rebel operations east.

The three unidentified prisoners were locals who failed to provide the right answers to a rebel checkpoint, so were detained by rebel forces. Surprisingly, the prisoners did not require medical attention, possibly because of the short time in their stay.

The team penetrated the rebels' defensive perimeter with air cover from two USMC F-35B ground interdiction fighters, and located the two operatives. The commander personally dispatched the two and recovered important documents from the dead body of Tereshkova.

Air cover was responsible for at least three destroyed technicals. There were casualties. One of the team was killed trying to engage a rifleman, and one of the civilians were killed as well.

The rescuees boarded a Chernarus Naval Forces assault landing boat waiting nearby, and were transported to safety. The remainder of the contractor team returned safely to ship as well.

4) Late Saturday night a Chernarus private contractor special forces team was sent to Klamila in western Virolahti to assassinate two rebel operatives who were leading forces to take over the town.

The operatives, Grigoriy Bukharin and Eliza Toska had been listed in previous reports for their conduct against civilians in the 2009 civil war. The team also was tasked with releasing three prisoners held by rebel forces.

With the air cover from two USMC F-35B ground interdiction fighters and an AC-47 gunship, the team successfully penetrated the rebels' defensive zone, located the operatives and eliminated them.

The team commander used a hand grenade to kill Toska, but she was so burned by the blast from the grenade, the commander could not find the documents she reportedly carried.

The three prisoners,according to debriefing reports, were three humanitarian aide workers accused of spying for NATO (They weren't). All three were released and successfully transferred to an awaiting assault boat for transport to safety.

There was one casualty. The team medic was shot to death by a rebel rifleman. The rest of the team returned to ship safely.

5) In Chernarus early Sunday morning, a Chernarus private contractor special forces team was sent to locate and eliminate two rebel operatives who were preparing to take over an area.

With the help of an MI-24 attack helicopter assigned to the mission as air cover, the team penetrated the rebels' defensive perimeter, located and eliminated Alexei Sovobliev and Ann Alliluyeva. The commander took intel documents from the person of Allilueva.

The attack helicopter destroyed a number of rebel technicals in its attack run, three by the commander's count. The team left without casualties and returned safely to ship.

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