Combat Summary, September 4th, 2020 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from August 28th to September 3rd Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an increased pace.

Chernarus Defense Forces, Air Forces and Naval Forces have engaged in eight separate operations against rebel forces in four regions.

1) Early Friday morning a Chernarus naval spetsnaz team was sent to a location near Krasnostav in Chernarus with orders to assassinate two rebel operatives, Simeon Sevic and Bojana Dobrojevic, said to be holed up there.

Assisted by a CDF MI-24 attack helicopter, the team managed to penetrate deep into the rebels' security zone. Two enemy technicals were destroyed by the MI-24.

The mission was abandoned when the team leader was killed in his final assault against the operatives.

2) Early Saturday morning a Chernarus naval spetsnaz team was ordered to Olsha in Chernarus with orders to recover a pair of informants working for Chernarus naval intelligence.

The informants' car broke down near Olsha, so they were forced to spend the night there with a full compliment of rebel soldiers occupying the hamlet.

A CDF MI-24 attack helicopter provided air cover, and destroyed two rebel technicals in their attack run, as the team on the ground attacked into Olsha.

The informants were recovered, but before they and the team could exfiltrate, the commander was killed in a firefight with a rebel machine gunner.

3) Also on early Saturday morning a Chernarus naval spetsnaz team was ordered to Khelm in Chernarus after naval intelligence discovered that four man contractor team was in the village.

The team' main task was to locate and eliminate two rebel operatives, Yevgeniy Samarchenko and Lyudmila Grigorieva who had led a powerful rifle and technical force to take over the village.

Intelligence said that the contractor team was there to carry out the criminal command group's bidding, including the kidnapping and murder of civilians. This information made the operation a priority.

Using the attack run of a CDF MI-24 attack helicopter as cover, the team penetrated the rebels' security perimeter and located the command group. The team commander eliminated both and secured some documents from the dead body of Grigorieva.

The rest of the team eliminated the contractor team throughout the operation.

The team retreated back to the coast and arrived at their ship safely. The captured documents did not reveal much new information about rebel activities in the region.

4) Late Saturday evening, an amphibious rifle element from 1st Bn Chernarus 2nd Separate Naval Infantry Brigade was ordered to Hurppu when Chernarus naval intelligence discovered a rebel rifle/technical force had entered the area and was preparing to take control.

Among the tasks assigned the commander was the elimination of two top rebel operatives, identified as Jovan Duka and Maria Delvey. Both were known to Chernarus recon staff, but not from the 2009 civil war.

The group landed about 800 meters south of the area of operation, then proceeded inland. The tactical plan was for 3rd squad to cover a road likely to be used by rebel reinforcements.

Meanwhile, command squad would move towards Hurppu, with command squad attacking from the south and 2nd squad moving then turning a flank east.

2nd and 3rd squad encountered two technicals, one of which was destroyed by naval artillery fire. The other, an M1151 M2 technical caused tremendous damage to 2nd squad causing them to be ordered south.

As command squad closed on the town, the commander received word that the criminal command group was wiped out. Command squad proceeded into town anyway, located the operatives and stripped documents from the person of Delvey.

Casualties were moderate, with 2nd squad losing six and 3rd squad losing one. The remaining force retreated to the boats and evacuated back to the ships.

5) Early Sunday morning a rifle task force from 1st Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to Dolina, for the 3rd time to 30 days after brigade recon staff discovered yet another rebel rifle/technical force entered the town the night before.

Two rebel operatives, Viktor Kaba and Dasha Bilyalova, were leading the rebel force. Their elimination was the main task in the operation, primarily because they were planning to use Dolina as a forward zone for rebel troops.

The task force attacked in a line from the south, from left to right command squad, then 3rd squad, and then 2nd squad.

Command squad began the task of clearing the west side of town with rifle fire, while the other squads pressed into town. Rebel soldiers counterattacked and somehow surrounded the task force. Then rebel artillery hit, effectively cutting off the task force from its main supply line.

The operation ended with the commander killed trying to clear the middle of Dolina.

6) A rifle task force from 1st Bn, Chernarus 17th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was assembled Monday morning to assist villagers in Shagrenovo in Beketov in evacuating from town via CDF trucks.

The mayor of Shagrenovo requested the army's help because of the build up of rebel troops in the area, and reports from captured rebel deserters looking for food, that rebel commanders were planning to take over the village via force.

The rebel main body never made it into town because of artillery attacks on them, but a number of infiltrators did and came within 100 meters of destroying the CDF trucks still loading refugees and their baggage.

Friendly troops suffered harassing attacks from rebel river patrols. The main force in town suffered no fewer than three attacks from technicals, all of which were destroyed by artillery fire. In the retreat friendly forces suffered more attacks by rebel light infantry.

The evacuation was successful, but the cost was heavy. 2nd squad lost five, 3rd squad lost seven and command squad lost four. Additionally two BRDM scout cars were lost to RPG fire. Two river patrols lost effectives, one losing four, and the other losing three.

Army artillery took its toll from the rebels, as did one of the BRDM ATGM vehicles which destroyed two technicals.

7) A task force formed from 2nd Bn Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to Vybor in Chernarus with orders to eliminate two rebel operatives, Jovan Koncarevic and Bebe Kurti, but of whom were wanted by Chernarus civilian authorities for a number of crimes.

Before the three Chernarus rifle squads even reached their jumping off points, both SU-25 ground interdiction fighters, tasked to be the air cover for the operation, were shot down.

The three rifle squads, supported by two BRDM scout car as heavy machine gun fire support, advanced into town in a broad front. The two enemy technicals held their positions and raked the rifle squads causing severe losses.

3rd squad became pinned down by the intense fire of two rebel rifle squads which were part of the the enemy's rapid reaction force, but eventually made it out of the cordon, albeit with heavy losses.

Both operatives were eliminated by the commander, and documents were seized to be analyzed by army recon staff.

Losses were very heavy, with command squad losing eight, 2nd squad losing seven and 3rd squad losing five. Losses were so heavy the secondary task of destroying supply trucks was abandoned due to the lack of forces available.

The battalion command staff has requested and will receive a battery of 122mm artillery for fire support.

8) A Chernarus naval spetsnaz team was ordered to go to Dorida in eastern Altis with orders to eliminate two rebel operatives and to locate a dead drop.

The dead drop was a satchel of maps and other documents that came into the hands of the local resistance. Apparently a mugger knifed a rebel courier near a bar, who he had mistaken as a bag man carrying money. The satchel wound up in the possession of a local fence, who notified one of our informants.

The two operatives, Nikolay Zmajevic and Annet Rulin had taken over Dorida some weeks ago and only now were preparing to make arrests and eliminate resistance.

The team landed some six kilometers from Dorida at night then proceeded inland to Dorida. An airstrike consisting of two Greek Air Force F-4 fighter-bombers was called in to cover the attack by the team.
v The team quickly located the hideout of the two operatives and eliminated them. A document seized from the dead body of Rulin was an arrest list of local friendly operatives.

The team then proceeded to the dead drop and took possession of the dead drop. On the return leg, the team spotted a rebel foot patrol about a kilometer northeast of Panagia, but lost them.

The team returned to ship safely with no casualties.

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