Combat Summary, September 11th, 2020 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from September 4th to September 10th Inclusive.

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The tempo of combat operations continued at apace.

Chernarus Defense Forces, Air Forces and Naval Forces have engaged in seven separate operations against rebel forces in five regions.

1) In Beketov,a rifle task force was sent to Dorogino in eastern Beketov with several missions including the elimination of a pair of rebel operatives Friday night.

Battalion recon staff concluded that a strong rebel combined arms force, including two tanks had taken over Dorogino early that morning, and already had rounded up some civilian hostages to leverage their demands over the villagers.

The rifle section of the task force advanced east on Dorogino on a broad front with the help of two SU-25 ground interdiction fighters and n MI-24 attack helicopter. The plan worked allowing the rifles to enter that town and begin the process of clearing of rebel soldiers.

However, command squad became pinned down by a T-55 tank parked near the rebel operatives' hideout. Despite many attacks from the air, from artillery and from 2nd squad, the tank could not be disabled.

The commander was killed trying to maneuver to enter the rebel operatives' hideout, but was gunned down by the tank's machine guns.

Losses were moderate. Command squad lost a total of four out of 12, while second squad lost six. 3rd squad lost four.

Before he was killed the commander ordered an artillery attack which destroyed the rebel supply trucks.

2) A task force assembled from elements of 3rd Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to Schwanefeld in Weferlingen Sunday morning with orders to clear the town and to eliminate two rebel operatives, Ismail Gjokaj and Helena Tereshkova.

Rebel forces moved into Schwanefeld late Saturday evening and began their bloody process of eliminating local resistance.

The tactical plan was to move the great bulk of the forces to the attack from the east, while command squad attacked from the southwest across the river.

The task force made quick work of rebel forces, clearing the town quickly, but were unable to locate the rebel operatives. Rebel supply trucks were located and destroyed.

At that point losses were light. Command squad lost four including the task force commander, 2nd squad lost three and 3rd squad lost one. The acting commander ordered the task force to retreat, which command squad did.

But 2nd and 3rd squads hesitated and set upon by at least one BTR-80A. The casualties began to mount at the point, including one T-72 and one crew member of a second T-72.

3) Late Sunday night a task force from 4th Bn Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade was ordered to a location near Rassau to recover a damaged tank abandoned in a previous operation.

Recon reports were that rebel forces already had drained the vehicle of fuel and were planning to recover the vehicle for their own use. Rebels maintained a rifle/technical force to guard the tank.

The tactical plan was to overrun that position with tanks, so that the infantry could follow up and mop up the area. However, enemy resistance was much stiffer than anticipated causing heavy casualties in command squad.

Elsewhere in the task force casualties were light with one BTR damaged. Command squad lost five.

The tank was repaired and refueled, and recovered.

4) In Leskovets Monday afternoon, a CDF relief force was hastily assembled to relieve friendly forces left in west Granichak. The rifle technical force in town was about to undergo an attack from overwhelming odds.

These types of missions mean the relief force commander must move his scout vehicles and his mounted rifles into the area of operation as quickly as possible without engaging patrols which would delay their arrival.

By the time the scout cars arrived, the in-town rifle forces were down by 50 percent. Command squad was the first CDF rifle unit to arrive in town. By that time rifle forces in town had been whittled down to three each.

Two enemy scout cars penetrated the defense zone, one of which was destroyed by a command squad RPG gunner. The second BRDM drove right through command squad's position.

Another CDF RPG gunner fired, missed and hit command squad's BTR taking half the squad, including the vehicle crew with them.

Left without ammunition, the commander scanned the area trying to find an RPG, when he was hit and killed by the enemy BRDM.

5) On Tuesday night in Virolahti, a Chernarus private contractor special forces team was sent to Tinkanen to eliminate a pair of rebel operatives, Jovan Koncarevic and Kato Gorbacheva.

The previous night, the operatives led the rifle/technical force to take over the town and set up security for organized crime.

The special forces team, with the help of a pair of USMC F-35 fighters, broke into the rebel's defensive zone. The air strikes destroyed at least one technical and damaged another. The team cleared the area of rebel riflemen, found the operatives and eliminated them.

Documents found on the person Gorbacheva included passports of some of the rebel operators, which could be useful for Chernarus Coastal Operations Group recon section.

A secondary mission assigned the team was the extraction of three humanitarian aid workers, who ran afoul of a rebel checkpoint and were detained by the rebels.

That mission was abandoned when the commander was killed attempting to locate the prisoners.

6) A Chernarus Defense Forces special forces team was ordered to east Khuzhadon in Beketov with a task to recover two friendly informants.

The informants were recovered and evacuated aboard an MI-24 helicopter from 1st Squadron, 20th Army Aviation Regiment along with the special forces team.

In bound to the area of operation, the team itself encountered an enemy river foot patrol, but declined to engage, instead moved passed their route of march.

The team and informants were safely delivered to headquarters 1st, Bn 17th Separate Light Rifle Brigade.

7) A Chernarus Defense Forces special forces team was ordered to recover a pair of informants hiding in Kozlovo in Beketov.

The informants were discovered when a rebel road patrol stopped them while walking on foot, and searched them. The informants were able to avoid capture, but rebel forces later discovered who they were and began to conduct house to house searches. The team arrived by MI-24 helicopter and were planning to use the helicopter to evacuate them and the informants. The firefight inside town was intense and for a moment the team was winning, but the commander was killed by a machine gunner, ending the mission.

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