Combat Summary, September 18th, 2020 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from September 11th to September 17, Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an increased pace.

Chernarus Defense Forces, Air Forces and Naval Forces have engaged in seven separate operations against rebel forces in five regions.

1) In Beketov early Friday morning, a Chernarus Defense Forces special operations team returned to Kozlovo to locate and extract two operatives who have been stranded in the town since early Thursday evening.

Penetrating the rebels' defensive perimeter, the team with the support of a CDF MI-24 attack helicopter, set about searching the town to locate the operatives.

Fire from defending rebel riflemen was intense, so much so the commander was killed. The team second in command took over the team, but was unable to locate the operatives.

The second in command ordered to mission to end and exfiltrated to the south and the landing zone. On the way it was learned that the supporting attack helicopter was shot down, but the pilot had survived.

The team moved to the northwest to make contact with the pilot and extract him via helicopter.

Debriefs by 2nd Army Corps recon department estimated rebel forces suffered a severe blow from the attack helicopter alone.

2)On Saturday armored task force with 3rd Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to an area near Golgen to recover a damaged tank abandoned in a previous operation.

The armored column was ambushed by a rebel foot patrol just north of Kozan. The commander was killed. The operation was abandoned.

3) In Werferlingen early Saturday morning, a hastily assembled relief force was ordered to Mariental to help evacuate a small force ordered to remain in town.

In relief operations, the usual road march formations are dispensed with. The fast mobile infantry and the scout car are typically rushed to the area of operation, with tank and trucks far behind in tow.

Casualties in the intervening combat were light. Command squad lost its BTR and its crew, 2nd squad lost two and the relief force lost two crew of one of the BRDM scout cars. The scout car was abandoned.

Field reports state that rebels lost at least one tank for their efforts.

4) On Monday a special forces team attached to 2nd Army Corps headquarters was ordered to Zhulebino in Bekevov with the task of eliminating two operatives and a private contractor team.

Ruslan Noskov and Marina Sharporov has only recently took over Zhulebino, and were in the beginning stages of eliminating local opposition to their rule.

The contractor team was a mix of eastern European and Yemeni shooters.

The CDF special forces team landed by attack helicopter about two kilometers south, and moved north into town after a brief march.

Using the air cover by a second MI-24, the team penetrated the town's security perimeter and after a short firefight, eliminated the two operatives.

The commander in his approach march to the operatives' hideout, noticed a four wheel drive vehicle fleeing the area with the helicopter in close pursuit. On approach to the damaged vehicle, the commander saw the team leader was dead, but the others had fled north.

The helicopter was called over to a location north of the abandoned vehicle, which kicked up a brief fire fight between the special forces team and the remnants of the private contrator team. The contractor team was eliminated.

Documents seized from the dead body of Sharporov indicated rebel forces intend to reinforce the area about Zhulebino in the future.

5) A Chernarus rifle group was ordered to Vybor in western Chernarus with orders to clear out the town of rebel troops and to eliminate two rebel operatives known to be stationed there.

Air cover attempted to clear out the heavy technicals in the area but were shot down with the losses of the aircrews.

Two BRDM scout cars were in the van to provide heavy machine gun fire support, but as the rifle troops prepared to move into town, the scout cars were destroyed.

The rifle group jumed off anyway, advancing into town across a broad front. Command squad became tied down in a 10 minute long fire fight with rebel troops about 300 meters from the southern edge of Vybor.

When that group was driven back, the rifle force advanced to the southern edge of town, where they were greeted by rebel rapid reaction forces, which hit them from the west. Another enemy rifle group began their fight from the north placing the rifle group in a cross fire.

Another firefight ensued, this time nearly wiping out the entire rifle force. The commander called for a retreat, but it was too late. With no artillery fire support or smoke, the rifle group was slashed to nothing.

On the return to base, the commander was fired on by a rebel foot patrol, but was not hit.

6) A task force assembled from 1st Bn Chernarus 33rd Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to Tarnow in Livonia to clear the town of rebel forces.

The operation took place early Wednesday morning during a heavy rain.

The tactical plan was to advance on Tarnow from the south on a broad front with tanks deployed at the flanks.

But before command squad could get into position, it was set upon by an enemy BRDM scout car, which eliminated half the squad before squad RPG gunners could destroy it. A second BRDM appeared, but it was chased away by RPG and rifle grenade attacks.

The enemy BRDM was found a few hundred yards away, abandoned.

Casualties were light, except for command squad which lost eight including the BTR gunner. The commander requested and received orders to withdraw back to base.

7) A Chernarus Defense Forces special operations team was ordered back to Kozlovo in Beketov early Thursday morning, to find and eliminate two rebel operatives and a group of mercenaries hired by rebel forces.

Alexei Mishchenko and Olesya Mahendru were ordered by rebel commanders to take over Kozlovo despite two other rebel command teams being eliminated by Chernarus special forces teams.

The CDF team entered town under air cover provided by an MI-24 helicopter, quickly located and killed the two operatives. Intelligence documents were seized from the dead body of Mahendru.

The team also penetrated the eastern end of town to hunt for and eliminate the four foreign mercenaries hired by the rebels to be supporting shooters. The vehicle they were traveling in was found along with a team leader dead, but the rest of the mercenaries could no be located.

The team engaged ina fierce firefight with rebel reinforcments on the east side of Kozlovo. Three operators held their ground, defeating a force several times the team's size, but in the end were killed.

The team commander declared the mission outcome doubtful, requested and received orders to withdraw.

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