Combat Summary, October 2nd, 2020 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from September 25th to October 1st, Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a much slower tempo.

Chernarus Defense Forces, Air Forces and Naval Forces have engaged in three separate operations against rebel forces in two regions.

1) An amphibious rifle group from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 2nd Separate Naval Infantry Brigade was ordered to Kirkonkila in Virolahti to clear the town and to eliminate a pair of operatives.

A secondary mission was assigned to locate a document dead drop somewhere north of town.

The rifle group landed three kilometers south of town and marched inland. 3rd squad was ambushed about 300 meters in by a rebel foot patrol. Command squad shifted directions to intercept the ambush and helped fight the rebel troops off.

2nd squad lost one in the firefight.

South of town, command squad split off from the group and proceeded into town engaging a heavy machine gun technical, and some enemy infantry along the way.

Meanwhile, 2nd and 3rd squads pushed their way into town from the southwest, ran into more rebel troops. Commands squad also pushed in to the operatives' hideout. Along the way the rifle group commander was killed.

The second in command located the hideout, and eliminated one of the operatives, taking documents from her person.
v As the entire rifle group proceeded north, they ran into rebel reinforcements. Command squad fought off another reinforcing enemy rifle group with three killed.

The second in command proceeded north to search for the dead drop. Yet, another rebel reinforcement arrived, forcing the commander back. As he was leaving, he was killed.

The CNF rifle group reported three technicals in the area, one on the east side and two of the right. More rebel reinforcements were arriving, so the commander called off the search, and called a retreat.

Casualties were heavy. Command squad lost three, while 2nd squad lost six and 3rd squad lost eight. The documents seized were lost when the second in command was killed.

2) Friday evening, an element from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack Stary Sobor. Battalion intelligence learned that a rebel force had entered the town that morning.

This time a rifle element from 2nd Bn was assigned an artillery group to help with fire support. Also an SU-25 ground interdiction fighter provided air cover.

2nd and 3rd squads were assigned to attack from the southeast, out of nearby woods, while command squad attacked from the southwest, with two BRDM scout cars in support.

Just before getting into attack positions, command squad exchanged gunfire with a foot patrol south of Stary Sobor, and chased them off.

As the rifle group made its attack, 3rd squad was attacked by an M1151 technical. However, the SU-25 quickly attacked and destroyed the vehicle. Command squad received reports of a second technical north of Stary Sobor, which the commander ordered destroyed by artillery.

The rifle force easily penetrated into the town's security zone. Command squad located a criminal command group's hide out, and eliminated them. The command group's second in command, Stanija Bobevic was killed inside the hideout, where the commander grabbed documents from her person.

The retreat went very smoothly, and all three rifle squads returned to their start zone. Casualties were light with command squad losing zero, 2nd squad losing one and 3rd squad losing three.

3) 1st Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade launched a nocturnal operation Monday night towards Staroye in Chernarus with the objective of clearing the town of enemy forces and eliminating two enemy commanders.

As the rifle group jumped off its start positions, enemy defensive artillery began to land nearby. The three squads penetrated into the town's security zone with air cover provided by an SU-25 ground interdiction fighter.
v However, the operation was cancelled when the commander was killed trying to engage and destroy an enemy heavy machine gun technical.

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