Combat Summary, October 23rd, 2020 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from October 16th to October 22nd Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a slower tempo.

Chernarus Defense Forces, Air Forces and Naval Forces have engaged in four separate operations against rebel forces in four regions.

1) A task force formed from 1st Bn Chernarus 33rd Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack a separatist force in the abandoned town of Lembork in Livonia.

According to the recon staff at brigade headquarters, Alexey Michshenko and Manja Novakovic led the rebel rifle/technical to take over the area in preparation to setting up a forward supply base for future offensive operations.

After a 40 minute road march, the task force assembled just south of Lembork and launched their assault. One tank was to provide tank gunfire support to 2nd and 3rd squad as they hit Lembork from the south.

Command squad followed the other tank to a turn off leading west to Lembork and attacked along the road. Resistance was fierce by separatist fighters. The tank covering 2nd squad hit and destroyed a heavy technical while infantry destroyed an SPG-8 ATGM technical.

Rifle fire found and eliminated the two separatist leaders. The commander seized documents from the dead body of Novakovic. Command squad then pushed further north and found a dead drop of documents stolen from the separatist camp.

As the tsk force was ordered to return to base, a separatist BMP-1, T-34/85M tank and a BMP-2 appeared. The BMP-1 was abandoned due to RPG fire from 3rd squad.

Casualties were heavy. The tank force lost a BRDM scour car west of Nadbor in the approach march. Command squad lost four, 2nd squad lost seven and 3rd squad lost three.

One casualty in command squad was wounded too badly to treat, so the soldier was abandoned to the clemency of the separatists.

2) Recon staff for 43rd Mountain Corps issused a warning order that a separatist armor force was heading for north Werferlingen. A task force from 3rd Bn 33rd Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was hastily assembled for the march north.

The tactical plan was for one tank, one BRDM scout car, and 2nd squad and 3rd squad to take and hold the western bridge, if possible to cross it before enemy force could arrive.

One tank and command squad would proceed up the main road north to take the eastern bridge, and if possible, push even further north.

That plan evaporated when separatist spearheads arrived ahead of the task force, and were positioned on favorable ground overlooking the river. 2nd squad along with the tank and BRDM moved across the western bridge despite spearheads filtering into the city.

Command squad faced the bulk of enemy armor along with tank. Despite being outnumbered in vehicles, the task force's tanks dealt severe blows, destroying by field count, at least two tanks, and two BMPs. The firing was so intense the eastern bridge was destroyed.

Command squad then moved west and then northeast by crossing the center bridge, and took up positions at the church just north of the eastern bridge. By then much of the damage to enemy mobile forces was done. Command squad defeated a rifle attack.

When reinforcements arrived, one of the rifle squads was ordered to cross the center bridge and take up positions to the west to block any enemy advance towards that sector.

The other reinforcing squad attempted to cross the western bridge, but a traffic accident out the squad's BTR out of action. The squad moved west and took up positions. It was immediately attacked by separatist riflemen, and was cut down to one rifleman. When the order to retreat came down, command squad took over one of the reinforcing squads because its BTR was destroyed by enemy action. 3rd squad also was ordered to cross over the center bridge when it was reported the BTR suffered damage to its steering.

The commander ordered a repair truck forward. Once repairs were complete 2nd squad was ordered to hold the center bridge, as command squad headed to the western bridge. The squad crossed the bridge and held its position as the other tank crossed south. The surviving rifleman was ordered to evacuate along with command squad.

As command squad was holding a position to oversee the evacuation from Werferlingen, a T-34/85 appeared very near to the evacuation route. It was quickly destroyed by friendly tank gunfire.

Casualties were heavy. 2nd squad lost seven, command squad lost six, one reinforcng squad lost all but one, and the other squad lost seven. Both covering SU-25 ground interdiction aircraft were shot down. One pilot ejected and joined 2nd squad in the evacuation.

3) A Chernarus Defense Forces spetsnaz team attached to 2nd Army Corps was ordered to The Farm to eliminate a pair of separatist operatives, Ivan Plantanov and Eliza Toska. Both operatives had apparently orders to establish a forward base for separatist troops.

The tactical plan called for a long march from headquarters, 1st Bn, Chernarus 17th Separate Light Rifle Brigade, to a river crossing across the Treshka River west of the Farm. A MI-24 attack helicopter provided air cover as the team closed on the headquarters of the operatives.
v The commander killed Toska with a long distance shot from his AK-107. When the team closed, the commander seized documents on the dead body of Eliza Toska.

The full team was extracted by another MI-24 helicopter to their base.

4) An armored task force from 1st Bn, Chernarus 17 Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack the town of Diva Slatina in Leskovets Saturday night.

Battalion recon staff had been aware of the presence of armed separatists since Friday night. However recon staff received a text that the local rebel operatives, Yevgeniy Samarchecnko and Jelena Stajsic has made good on their threats against the local population, and executed between 10 and 20 civilians in a field northwest of town

. The tactical plan for the attack was a concentric maneuver/fire effort, with 2nd and 3rd squads penetrating into Diva Slatina from the east, along with two tanks, and command squad attacking from the southeast along with the BRDM scout car.

All three rifle squads made the town quickly and secured the eastern approaches. Commander squad closed to the location of the two operatives. The commander eliminated the female element and seized documents from her person.

Following completion of the town clearing, command squad moved through town and located the mass execution site.

As the task force was leaving, separatist armored vehicles appeared, thus stopping the other two squads from covering command squad's retreat. Command squad had loaded their BTR, and prepared to leave when the commander decided to perform a rear guard action for 3rd squad.

3rd squad was being cut to pieces by enemy rifle and rifle grenade attacks in the eastern approaches of town. When command squad arrived was when the two BTR-80As began their attack on 3rd squad. Both enemy BTRs were destroyed by RPG fire from command squad RPG gunners.

Command squad's rear guard action released 2nd squad from its trap. Losses in this separate action amounted to two killed from command squad and four killed from 3rd squad.

The task force managed to retreat fully from town to a position 500 meters east.

Losses were heavy. 3rd squad lost nine, while 2nd squad lost seven. Command squad lost four

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