Combat Summary, November 13th, 2020 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from October 6th to November 13th, Inclusive.

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The tempo of combat operations continued at a slower tempo.

Chernarus Defense Forces, Air Forces and Naval Forces have engaged in four separate operations against rebel forces in two regions.

1) Late Friday night a battlegroup from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 33rd Separate Mountain Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack Rhode in Werferlingen.

A separatist force led by two criminal operatives, Matija Depredovich and his female second in command Maria Delvey, had taken over the town the night before and were in the process of preparing a defense.

The tactical plan was for 2nd and 3rd squads with one tank to attack the toewn from the east along the main road, while command squad and both BRDM scout cars attacked from the south.

CDF forces penetrated the town's defenses quickly. Commander located and eliminated Delvey and seized important documents found on her person.

The town was cleared quickly, so the commander ordered his rifles and then his tanks to evacuated their positions and return to base.

Casualties were heavy with 2nd squad losing six and 3rd squad losing seven.

2) Next morning on Saturday, a battlegroup from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 33rd Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack and clear the town of north Grasleben. This was the second operation in Grasleben since last week.

Battalion recon staff learned that the criminal command group, headed by Ferid Murad and his female second in command, Krisytina Levieva had been rounding up civilians and executing them for having the wrong political views.

The battlegroup squeezed itself through a railroad overpass, with 2nd squad taking an overwatch position in the west supported by a tank, command squad driving north on the eastern side of town, and 3rd squad in the middle.

The firefights between rifle forces lasted several minutes with the result being a tactical win for the battlegroup.

After the commander eliminated Levieva and seized documents from her person, his command pushed to the north of town to locate and record a mass grave. During the push the squad encountered a rifle force driving for town.

After locating and recording the mass grave, command squad pulled back into town. Yet another enemy relief force pushed soth into town, but command squad managed to stop them.

Casualties were non existent. Field reports were that one separatist BTR-80A was destroyed by tank gunfire.

3) A task force assembled by 2nd Bn, Chernarus 33rd Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered on Sunday afternoon to attack Behnsdorf in eastern Werferlingen.

Battalion recon staff found that separatist forces has entered the town from the march and were rounding up and imprisoning their enemies. The separatists were led by Ismail Gjokaj and a female second in command, Roza Vlalitsyna

Recon staff found that three prisoners, mistakenly identified as members of the local underground, were being held in a residence in eastern Behnsdorf. The task force's orders were to find them to return them safely to 2nd Battalion forward zone.

The rifle group attacked from the south in line, with cover from two scout cars, while two tanks approached town from the west, the better to cover the roads leading west and north.

Command squad penetrated the town's defenses, eliminating the separatist's command group and their security detail. Command squad also located the two of the three prisoners, but could not locate the third.

Once the prisoners were safely aboard command squad's BTR, the squad suffered a rifle and grenade launcher attack, killing three. More rifle attacks from the north came in, pinning down 3rd squad.

As command squad began to pull out, the commander decided to order smoke artillery missions intended to cover the retreat of 3rd squad. Despite the smoke cover and command squad coming to their aid, 3rd squad abandoned their BTR and retreated southward.

Casualties were moderate. Command squad lost three, 2nd squad lost one and 3rd squad lost nine plus its BTR. Field reports indicated the separatists lost two technicals.

4) Early Monday morning a rifle group from 1st Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack Orlovets in Chernarus.

Brigade recon staff discovered through electronic intercepts that a powerful separatist combat group had entered Orlovets only six hours before, and was setting up a defensive strong point including mortars.

The CDF rifle group along with two BRDM scour cars marched north and commenced an attack on the village. On the way, 3rd squad got hit by enemy artillery, losing seven total.

2nd squad was assigned the eastern edge of the village, while command squad was assigned the western part. The squads penetrated into a separatists' strong point, then hit a hornets' nest of resistance.

The commander of the rifle group was killed trying to exchange fire with a machine gunner. The operation was abandoned.

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