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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from November 20th to November 26th, Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a much faster pace.

Chernarus Defense Forces, Air Forces and Naval Forces have engaged in nine separate operations against rebel forces in six regions.

1) Friday afternoon in Leskovets, an armored task from 1st Bn, Chernarus 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade was alerted to a large separatist armor force preparing to move into east Granichak.

It took nearly an hour for the task force to reach town and deploy. The two tanks were deployed to the east, with the rifle squads deployed north and west.

Separatists made only one armor attack into town in the early going. Two rifle attacks coming from the north also were defeated. In this part of the meeting engagement, separatists lost one BMP-1 and one BRDM.

One CDF tank suffered a crew kill next an exploding enemy BRDM.

Commander kept getting reports of enemy armor close to Zamfirovo, where the brigade forward zone is located. One element stopped friendly relief forces and bogged them down in the fighting.

Other reports put more enemy armor halfway between and the forward zone. The commander decided to fight his way back to base.

With tanks leading the way the task force engaged a number of enemy armor, and defeated them all. Command made it safely back to base.

Casualties were light. 2nd Squad lost four. The task force lost one tank. One SU-25 ground interdiction fighter was shot down north of Granichak.

Relief forces lost a total of three.

Field reports put the separatist losses at least three BMP-1s, three BRDMs and one T-34/85 tank.

2) Friday night an attack force assembled from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to launch a nocturnal attack on Novi Sobor in Chernarus.

The town was taken over by a separatist force and would according to battalion recon staff, begin their ethnic cleaning program on the area.

However, the task force commander was killed before the operation was concluded. The operation was abandoned.

3) Saturday night an armored force was assembled and ordered to attack the town of Eshenrode in Werferlingen.

Separatist forces entered the town that morning and were in the beginning stages of establishing a defensive zone in the town. The separatist force was led by Alexei Mishchenko and Anne Kvitko.

The tactical plan was for 2nd squad to attack the northern section of town, 2nd squad the southern section and command squad the middle section. Tank 2 would position itself to cover a southbound bridge, while Tank 1 would cover the northern and western approaches.

Most of the action took place in command squad's sector, but a fair amount of action was taking place elsewhere. In the end command squad managed to close on the two commanders and to eliminate them.

Separatist reinforcements in two groups did attempt to penetrate the CDF's defensive zone. Command squad and 2nd squad stopped a rifle group from entering town. A technical was stopped as well.

Field reports show Tank 1 stopped rebel armor.

Casualties were light. 2nd squad and command squad each lost one. All friendly units retreated in good order to the east.

While the operation indicated the AA battery was not destroyed, the command himself saw the guns' locations and confirmed the battery was wiped out.

4) A hastily assembled armored force from 1st Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered Saturday evening to relieve a friendly rifle group in Querenhorst in Werferlingen.

A similar operation was conducted a week ago in Querenthorst.

Brigade operations previously ordered two BTR rifle squads to the area, along with two technicals to hold the town against separatist attacks.

The task force was delayed owning to a wrong turn, which took them onto a different highway than was needed., The delay cost ten precious minutes, all the while separatist attacks were intensifying against the forces in Querenhorst.

By the time the BRDM scout cars arrived, one squad was wiped out and another was whittled down to two effectives. One driver from a grenade launcher technical was ordered to abandon his vehicle and go to the pickup point.

Tank 1 arrived next and crossed the western bridge. The tank engaged and destroyed one BTR-80A and another unidentified armor vehicle.

3rd squad arrived next and was ordered to cross one of the eastern bridges. Command squad crossed the main bridge, encountering another BTR-80A. Tank 2 moved across the bridge next and destroyed the BTR-80A.

By this time, the first evacuating truck arrived. Ten minutes later command realized the second truck had failed to arrive. Under mission rules, no second truck meant the mission was a failure.

Once the town was cleared, commander ordered it be evacuated. The evacuating truck was ordered to its destination, only to report a BMP-2 was sitting stride the main road.

Command squad and the two tanks moved in a column south towards Mariental Horst. The leads tank located, fired on and destroyed the BMP-2, clearing the road for retreat back to the forward zone.

Casualties included one destroyed friendly BRDM scout car, destroyed by a T-34/85 tank. The separatists lost at least four armor vehicles and a number of infantry.

5) An attack force composed of units from 1st Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to execute a morning attack on the village of Shakhovka in Chernarus Sunday morning.

Shakhovka was seized by separatist forces led by Agim Gojcaj and Lyudmila Grigorieva, both experienced veterans. Their forces gathered a number of victims, and according to battalion recon staff, executed them to set an example.

As in previous attacks, 2nd squad and command squad approached the town from the southwest, while 3rd squad approached from the southeast.

The two BRDM scout cars, there to provide heavy machine gun fire support, were ordered to attack on the road leading into the village. Command squad and 2nd squad penetrated the separatists' defenses and cleared the town quickly. Both Gojcaj and Grigorieva were eliminated after a brief firefight. Documents were seized from the person of Grigorieva.

When the retreat order came down, 2nd squad, which which had lost five effectives, became pinned down by separatist reinforcements, forcing commander to counterattack and relieve 2nd squad so it could retreat.

As command squad resumed their retreat 3rd squad also became pinned down by separatist infantry in pursuit, forcing once again command squad to counterattack and spring 3rd squad loose.

Casualties were heavy with command squad losing three including the commander, 2nd squad losing six and 3rd squad losing one. One friendly BRDM was damaged but managed to return to base.

6) On Sunday night, a light rifle group from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 17th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to Rylovo in Beketov to clear the town of a tank-heavy separatist force which had taken over.

One of the tasks assigned the rifle group was the elimination of the two leaders, operatives Alexey Mishcheko and Hasna Jaho.

Battalion operations staff also assign the task force the task of retrieving some documents stolen from the separatists by local agents, papers that were left in a dead drop.

All three rifle squads attacked from the southwest, with two SU-25 ground interdiction fighters and one MI-24 attack helicopter providing air cover.

Several RPG shots were fired at the two T-34/85 tanks deployed in town. Both were destroyed.

Command squad entered town via the road first, pressing hard against riflemen defending the location where Mishcheko and Haslo were based. However, the commander was unable to locate either operative.

Commander went to the dear drop location and retrieved important documents stolen from the separatists by local operatives for our side.

All forces were then ordered to retreat from town. However, the commander was killed by an enemy BRDM scout car, which subsequently was destroyed by friendly forces.

Casualties were moderate. Command squad lost five including the commander, while 2nd squad lost two.

7) A five man Chernarus naval spetsnaz team was assigned the task of recovering two operatives who were being held by separatists in a building two kilometers east of Dorida in Altis.

Chernarus naval reconnaissance staff for the naval task force off the eastern coast of Altis received word that the two operatives were captured by a separatist patrol while trying to reach a money dead drop setup by Chernarus naval intelligence.

The team approached the area of operation from the east, maneuvering passed an enemy beach patrol. Air cover from two Hellenic air force F-4 Phantoms were directed at a pair of technicals, so while enemy troops were concentrating on the air raid, the naval spetsnaz team went to the building and snatched the two operatives.

The team, along with the operatives exfiltrated from the area to a beach rendezvous with a CNF assault patrol boat. The operatives were safely moved away.

The team returned to ship. No casualties reported.

8) Wednesday morning a task force from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack the town of Behnsdorf in Werferlingen.

Separatist troops entered the town the evening before and were in the preparation for setting up a defensive zone. The enemy forces were led by Jovan Adamovich and Anna Alliluyeva, but experienced separatist troops commanders.

2nd squad entered town from the south to begin sweep the westside of town, while 3rd squad began its sweep in the east. Command squad pushed up the middle. Resistance was strong, including from a heavy machine gun Humvee.

The commander was killed while exiting the separatists' operatives' hideout. Commander eliminated Alliluyeva and took documents from her person.

The second in command ordered one tank north to locate and eliminate the mortar battery. The enemy mortars fired on the tank frantically, but were destroyed. The tank suffered a mobility hit.

The commander ordered his squad, both BRDM scout cars and the other tank forward to cover the disabled tank until the repair truck arrived. Once the repairs were complete, the commander ordered a retreat back to base.

Casualties were moderate. 2nd squad lost three and 3rd squad lost one. Command squad lost three.

9) A warning order was issued to 1st Bn. Chernarus 33rd Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade of an impending attack by separatist forces on the town of Olszanka in Livonia Thursday morning.

Upon arrival, the task force BRDM scout car encountered and destroyed a pair of enemy technicals. The task force tactical plan was for tank 1 to deploy in the fields west of Olszanka, while tank 2 deployed to the fields in the east.

The infantry group deployed along a large arc covering the northeast approaches to town. Tank 1 destroyed a T-34/85, while tank 2 destroyed an enemy BRDM scout car. The task force BRDM suffered a engine hit so the crew were ordered to bail out and go to the church.

A rifle attack on tank 1 took place, which was defeated by both tank 1 and 2nd squad. Another rifle attack was defeated by tank 2 and 3rd squad. A third enemy rifle attack took place on command squad's position, which resulted in several casualties including the commander killed.

Command squad went to the abandoned BRDM's position, but was attacked by an enemy BRDM. The enemy vehicle was destroyed by the command squad's RPG gunners.

Casualties were moderate with command squad losing two, 2nd squad losing three and 3rd squad losing one. The damaged BRDM was repaired and retreated along with the taskforce.

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