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From Russian military journalist Boris Rozhin, who writes in a distinct sardonic manner about the concentration camp in Latvia, near Riga. Translation from Google Translate, but I tried to clean up some of the more obvious problems. The matter with Salaspil was the number of children killed:

Good day, comrades! The further the events of 1939-1945, the more demanding a reassessment of any unpleasant moments that were happening in the territories, a little (most decl) occupied by Nazis.

In fact, the Nazis were good, they committed their atrocities only under the impression of the crimes of Stalinism (tm).

And Stalin is worse than Hitler, as Masha Zakharova ( who is the flak catcher for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (And I can't believe she said this)), a great specialist in Chinese toys, told us. It happens that such figures get to the butt right at the time of fagots like Nikolai Karlych Svanidze (A Russian Golden Throat). However, unfortunately, these cases are isolated, and juvenile morons continue to rip off the covers.

This time, during the show "Evening with Vladimir Solovyov", a certain cupcake Grigory Amnuel (Russian journalist), under a terrible secret, said that:

“We really call the camp that existed in Nazi Germany a concentration camp. In fact… the camp in Salaspils… none of them ever bore the name“ concentration ”

There is a clear definition of a concentration camp: "A concentration camp is a place for forced isolation real or perceived opponents of the state, political regime, etc. "

Since in the Salaspils camp there were opponents of the Nazi state and the Nazi political regime (including opponents of the racial policy of the Reich), therefore, the Salaspils camp is precisely a concentration camp.

And no matter how ... Partaigenosse Lange (the commander of the Security Police and SD in Latvia) gets sick, and no matter how he calls the Salaspils camp in his departmental documentation, it will remain a concentration camp. And not a ballet school for the Untermensch or something else. Actually, Himmler himself did not call this camp anything other than a concentration camp, he knew more than Gregory Amnuel cake.

Further Gamnuel broadcasts:

"As for the experiments - no, the blood was taken from the children. The experiments that the famous" Doctor Death "conducted in Auschwitz and Birkenau were not carried out there. The blood was taken, yes."

Reluctantly, he admitted that the rubber product of the condom industry ... Only blood was taken, though often all ... And that is why Amnuel believes that it was not a concentration camp? Sure, not a problem! Hitching up with Grynya in a kid's argument. Hang it up on end, poke a few holes and drain five liters of blood from the carcass ... If after that Grynya survives - talked, you devil! Let's no longer call the Salaspils concentration camp. Well, if he dies (which with a probability of 146%), then call lads.

Few memories of the prisoners of the Salaspils "not a concentration camp":

"The execution was usually carried out in the presence of all the prisoners, who were lined up in a semicircle near the place of execution. For very poor work on February 20, six Jews were to be hanged. Yet they were not put to death in the evening. The next day, the death row was sent with others to work. Lange arrived on the day. He walked the entire coast, but did not shoot anyone.

The bosses are in a good mood," we reasoned.

After the signal about the end of the work, everyone was lined up facing the Daugava. Lange, Nikkel, Kacherovsky appeared in front of the formation. Those who did not work well were called out and put on the ice. Schutzmans (SS guards) came up with submachine guns.

The order was sounded to undress. While the convicts were undressing, buckets were brought from the warehouse of tools. The guards began to draw ice water from the river and feed the bucket along the chain forward. The first bucket was followed by the second, the third ... The buckets passed from hand to hand until they reached the naked people. There water was poured over the heads of the convicts. A piercing north wind was blowing. The frost reached 25 degrees. Quiet on. Only a splash of water is heard. The torture continued until the happy ones froze in their icy clothes. "

“A few days later, the soldiers in all groups were taken out of the barrack and led across the courtyard to the hospital. There we were lined up. We did not know what they would do with us. Then a German doctor came, big and angry, and another German, I did not see what they were doing in front, but some girl suddenly began to cry and scream, and the doctor stamped his feet.

I was very scared ... it was my turn ... the doctor stuck a needle into my hand and, when he had taken a full glass tube, let me go and began to draw blood from my sister Anya ... A day later, they took us to the doctor again and took blood again. Soon Anya died in the barracks. We all had injections. We were all sick, dizzy, boys died every day and girls"

It was a harsh winter of 1943. The Nazis drove people here from different parts of Belarus. The unfortunate people did not yet know that their grave would be here. Everything was taken from them - clothes, food and ... children. It was, I remember, a terribly cold February night Suddenly we heard the loud voices of the fascists. The brought people were driven out into the yard and forced to undress.

"We will take them to the bathhouse!" We told them shortly.


- What do you want? Maybe in brocade evening dresses and tuxedos? - mocked the unfortunate fascists. They could afford it: in their hands were weapons, whips, death. They drove everyone to the bathhouse together: men, women and children.

We made a big detour past the camp barracks to make the road longer. The February frost was breathtaking. We heard the children crying, hugging their mothers to keep warm. How to save crumbs from the embrace of the icy wind! Mothers with tears in their eyes hugged the babies (there were also babies), breathed on them, rubbed and stroked with bare numb hands.

The elders (between the ages of two and nine) stomped themselves somehow. They cried and begged for their mothers to take them home. The frost burned their little feet, and the road was long and the laughter of the SS men mocking. They did not seem to see the faces tightened by pain in a grimace, do not hear desperate voices. Humanity cannot be demanded from the fascists.

They didn't know what it was. We did not sleep that night - we simply could not, hearing the groans of the unfortunate. Naked, they had to walk a kilometer back and forth. Many babies did not live to see the morning. Some of the babies froze on the way back, and the unfortunate mothers in vain tried with their breath to fan the spark of an already extinct life. The rest of the children developed a fever at night or the next day. In a few days they also died out. And the survivors were taken away from their parents.

Our barrack was not far from the children, and we heard everything. Tears, groans and despair. There were children under six years old. The elders were put on cars and taken away. Where to? Nobody knew that.

None of those taken away returned. Then the mothers were taken away. They didn't come back either. About twenty of the most beautiful girls were dressed in the clothes of murdered Jewish women and were also taken away. They were taken to Riga, to brothels for the entertainment of Hitler's officers ... Various diseases were spreading more and more in the barracks: measles, dysentery ... They asked a fascist doctor to examine the children and give medicine. But he waved his hand indifferently: - One more or less.

Dozens of children died every day. The corpses, like logs, were put in boxes and taken away. Finally, a German doctor arrived from Riga and brought some medicines, which he ordered to give to all children. From them babies immediately died *. We realized that no one here is concerned about the fate of the unfortunate children. On the contrary, the Nazis want to get rid of them faster. Extra ballast in the camp."

The fascist doctor appeared in the barracks again:

- What are the healthiest children here?

At the beginning, we did not understand what this sudden interest meant. We have shown. But our frankness for many kids turned out to be fatal. The doctor took blood from these "healthy" ones, and after a few hours they fell asleep forever.

“So, Dumpe, who worked in the 12th barrack (which housed the hospital), said that sick children slept in twos, threes in one bed. All of them received medicine for dysentery, although many did not have diarrhea. every day it got worse and worse ***. Dumpe stopped giving them medicine and, as ordered by the Nazi doctor, to administer an enema from the urine of the patients themselves. When a few days later the doctor reappeared in the barracks, he was quite surprised:

- Well, you’re tenacious These Asians!

Dumpe acted correctly, not following the orders of the killer. After that, the nurses began to be controlled. The SS men asked bluntly:

“ Why are so few dying?

In Salaspils children were tortured fiercely. They injected them with some kind of liquid, and after that the children expired with diarrhea. They were given poisoned porridge and coffee, and up to 150 people died from this per day ... Children with measles were injected with something, after which inflammation of the eyes began, and after a few days the eyes flowed out "

This and much more can be read in the collection of memories There is a "story about Salaspils" on the Web. Yes, sometimes even this rotting Europe, tolerant of your head, finds it necessary to rein in the Latvian neo-Nazis:

"Published in Riga under the patronage of your president" History of Latvia. XX century "in which the Salaspils concentration camp is called an extended police prison of an educational nature - this is simply blasphemy! This is a mockery of the memory of thousands of lives ruined in Salaspils!"

Member of the European Parliament Athanasios Pafilis.

But cupcakes like Grigory Amnuel don't give a damn, he cuts the loot! True, during the mentioned bugger, he began to catch disapproving glances on himself. They say that someone has already aimed at Grynya's jug. And he twisted right masterfully, bitch! He habitually whined that the Soviet Gulag is still not equated with the Nazi concentration camps.

Although, if you take only the organizational aspect, as even young morons know, without a court verdict I could not endure getting into the Gulag even if I really wanted to. Well, except for those who worked there, the stump is clear. Or on flight, as the former bodyguard of Stalin, General Vlasik, became the head of the camp. But you could get into a Nazi concentration camp at any age and for any reason. And I don’t remember that there were camps for German children in the Gulag system, where they pumped out blood for the needs of the Red Army. In short,

If you have something to add, Fire Away!

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