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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from November 27th to December 3rd, Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a slower pace.

Chernarus Defense Forces, Air Forces and Naval Forces have engaged in seven separate operations against rseparatist forces in three regions.

1) A battalion armored task force from 1st Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack the town of north Grasleben in Werferlingen Thursday evening.

This was the third operation in Grasleban in November, and was necessitated by the entry of a separatist armed force which took over the town the night before.

Friendly operatives reported to battalion intelligence that separatist troops had started rounding up civilians in town and were planning to reinforce. The separatists were led by Nikolay Zmajevic and Agnesa Lajcaj.

The force tactical plan was for two rifle squads, 2nd and 3rd to push forward into town behind the two tanks. One BRDM scout car would be positioned south and west to monitor any enemy movement to cut off the task force, while the second BRDM provided an eastern flank screen for command squad.

Enemy rifle groups were quickly swept away by the operation as command squad pressed to the location of the two top operatives.

The commander eliminated the two operatives, but was killed by the enemy operatives' security detail. Command squad's second in command finished off the shooter, an automatic rifleman.

Commander ordered two two tanks forward passed the northern edge of town to cover command squad as the commander pushed north to the dead drop. Documents were recovered by the commander from the dead drop and from the dead body of Lajcaj.

When the retreat order came down from battalion command, the task force retreated from town in good order.

Casualties were light. Command squad lost two, while 2nd squad lost two and 3rd squad lost none.

The recon section of battalion indicated the documents recovered provided significant detail to the separatists' plans.

2) Early Friday morning, an element of 1st Bn, Chernarus 17th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack Zaitsevo in Beketov. Battalion recon staff discovered the separatists had taken over the evening before and were preparing to defend the town.

Along the way to the main objective, command squad, with one BRDM providing heavy machine gun fire support, cleared the airfield of separatists before pushing on to Zaitsevo.

The tactical plan for Zaitsevo was for 2nd squad to push along with east side of town, with 3rd squad pushing along the westside. One BRDM scout would advance in support of 3rd squad while another BRDM would move to support 2nd squad and two BRDM AT scout cars.

Command squad entered town along the main road. The commander ordered smoke artillery to cover the advance, and then ordered two single shot artillery missions to destroy the two medium machine gun technicals deployed in town.

Just before entering, the commander ordered an artillery mission to destroy the AA battery deployed to the west. The commander later was forced to use satchel changes to destroy the guns.

Command squad penetrated into town deep enough to locate one of the operatives in command of the rebel force, Georgi Horvat. It was learned that the other operative, Danijela Ristic, attempted to sneak away, but the commander caught her and eliminated her, as well as Horvat.

The commander also took documents from the dead body of Ristic.

Zaitsevo was systematically cleared. The commander eliminated the last resistance: four riflemen holed up in a wood shed.

Casualties were moderate. 3rd squad lost six and command squad lost one.

3) A warning order was issued from brigade headquarters to 2nd Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade, about a separatist move to seize the town of Horsingen in Werferlingen.

The assembled task force was rushed into town to set up a defensive zone. The tactical plan was for both BRDMs, one tank, and 2nd and 3rd squad to deploy along the western edge of town. Command squad and one tank would deploy in the north over watching a bridge.

Command squad and the tank defended against two rifle attacks as separatist troops attempted to gain the near side of the river. Everything at the commander's disposal was used including artillery.

In the west 3rd squad defended against a rifle attack, while their tank destroyed an enemy BRDM as it was moving on the road west of town.

Matters became complicated when the order to withdraw came down. As the task force's rifles were preparing to leave, a BMP-1 penetrated passed a BRDM picket, but was destroyed by RPG gunners. It had come within 25 meters of the road 3rd squad was defending before being stopped.
v Command squad moved to take 3rd squad's position, as a T-34/85 tank came into view. Before command squad rifles could dismount, something hit the T-35/85 destroying it. 2nd squad managed to leave despite hearing another BMP nearby.

Casualties were non existent for the task force. Field report said the separatists lost no fewer than 20 effectives, a BMP-1, a tank and a BRDM.

4) A task force from 1st Bn, Chernarus 24th Separate Mountain Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack a location in far northern Summa early Sunday morning.

According to brigade recon staff a separatist force withdrew a kilometer north of its assigned position to Location 4888, 5296 to await another rotating force. This created a gap in their lines.

The retreating force was led by operatives Viktr Kaba and Xhuli Martini. Both were assigned to an elimination list by brigade operations.

The tactical plan was for 2nd and 3rd squads to attack from the southeast, while command squad attacked from the southwest. The two BRDM scout cars were to move up the road to provide heavy machine gun fire support.

But before command squad could get to the rebels' defensive zone, half its number were wiped out by enemy artillery. The commander ordered the attack to continue, since the other two rifle squads were intact. One of the two task force BRDMs were destroyed by RPG fire.

An artillery strike was ordered on the position of the three AA guns assigned to be destroyed. As 2nd squad closed to the main objective, they ran into a heavy technical (Humvee with M2 machine gun). A large number of them were wiped out as well.

The attack pressed towards the main bunker where the operatives were hiding. The firefight last for several minutes. Commander found Martini dead a few meters away, so he stripped her of documents she was known to be carrying.

An enemy BRDM entered the area and killed the commander. Meanwhile 3rd squad was ordered north to intercept enemy reinforcements coming down from the north. 3nd squad ran into a still undamaged ZU-23. Seven were wiped out.

Second in command of the operation ordered a retreat, with only five effectives total for all three squads.
v 5) Monday morning, another task force was assembled from 1st Bn, 24th Separate Light Rifle Brigade and ordered to attack a location separatists were defending in Summa. The task force orders included eliminating two criminal operatives, Gjergj Kastrioti and Tijana Latinovic.

The commander launched artillery strikes on the separatists' position to eliminate the mortar battery and two heavy machine gun technicals deployed in defense.

In the initial contact, one of the BRDM scout car was destroyed by RPG fire. Command squad was first through the wire and to the criminal operatives' bunker. Artillery fire killed the two operatives. The commander seized documents from the dead body of Latinovic.

Friendly artillery fire failed to destroy the two mortars the enemy had deployed. Those were eliminated by rifle fire. The task force prepared to defend their position, but enemy reinforcements never showed.

Casualties were moderate. Command squad lost three to rebel artillery. 2nd squad lost two and 3rd squad lost one. 6) Thursday morning, commander 1st Bn, Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade received a warning order that separatists were preparing to attack 1st Bn's forward zone position.

The order came down during a heavy snow storm, so the task force deployed in a semi circle, defending its zone with the three light rifle squads and two scout cars.

Two separatist rifle squads advanced on command squad's position. The attack was stopped, but after a heavy firefight.

2nd Squad was attacked at about the same time as command squad, this time from two separatist rifle squads, two technicals and a BMP-2. 2nd squad stood their ground, but were wiped out. Command squad rushed to the position.

The commander ordered an artillery atack on one of the technicals, which was destroyed. The BMP penetrated right up to the headquarters. The battalion command group attempted to retreat, but were cut down by fire from the BMP.

Two tanks from brigade commander's personal guard showed up. One of the tank located and destroyed the BMP, while the other stood their ground where 2nd squad had been.

The mission was called a failure.

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