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We are not sure if we like this stealth basketball or not.

Who watches the Colonial Athletic Conference? ESPN or CBS sure didn't see fit to focus on them.

We concentrated on SEC basketball frankly because there was a lot of coverage from Jefferson Pilot, CBS and ESPN; you were almost guaranteed to see at least one SEC game during the week.

Clark Kellog the Yahoo! Sports analyst and CBS golden throat was all agog over the minor conferences, like the Missouri Valley Conference. Spilled all kinds of ink close to conference tournament time telling us about just how good teams like Bradley, Wichita State, and Northern Iowa were.

We knew Northern Iowa was good. They beat Iowa and Iowa State early in the season. They had been atop the conference throughout most of the season. And we did happen to catch Wichita State play a game but we can't even remember the opponent.

But Clark, bless his Big 10 playing heart, didn't tell us about George Mason. We think it would have been helpful if he had. We may have at least made an effort to watch the league.

Next year, we won't make the same mistake.

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