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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from December 18th to December 24th, Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an increased pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in six operations in five regions

1) Early Friday morning elements of 1st Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to Mariental to relieve troops assigned there.

Brigade command previously ordered the two squads to Mariental to provide security for the town after a minor mishap. A few hours before the site commander reported separatist troops were massing for an attack.

In relief operations, the key element is to get as many mobile troops to the area as quickly as possible to cover the stranded troops' evacuation.

The rifle section was ordered to the northernmost east-west road and ordered to hold their position. The stranded troops then were ordered to retreat to a location south of Mariental to rendezvous with trucks.

The armor which arrived first engaged and destroyed enemy vehicles. Command squad itself engaged and destroyed a BTR-80A.

When the report arrived that the troops had arrived at their marshalling point safely, the commander ordered a general retreat south. That was when a BTR-80A and a BRDM scout car attacked. The tanks destroyed them both.

Casualties were light. One the two rifle squad relieved suffered casualties, two total.

2) In Werferlingen, operations staff for Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade issued a warning order to 2nd Bn that separatists were moving to storm Horsingen.

This was the second separatist attempt to take over the town in two weeks.

The assembled task force moved quickly to town to take up positions similar to the ones it took two weeks ago: Comand squad and one tank covering the northern bridge, with the rest covering the western approaches.

Command squad fought off three separate rifle attacks, fights which included the use of artillery. On the western approach Tank 1 destroyed two enemy armored vehicles, including a BTR-80A.

Command squad at that point decided that the northern bridge position was adequate and ordered Tank 2 to the western defensive sector.

By that time, the order to withdraw arrived, so the commander ordered a retreat south, starting with the BRDM scout cars. That was when separatist armor struck.

As 2nd squad was leaving, and command squad began moving to take its position, a T-34/85 cross the northern bridge. An enemy BMP-1 came into the area as well. The command squad BTR was destroy, along with five effectives, including the commander.

2nd squad stopped their movement, and took command of the operation. Two more BMPs entered the town, one of them damaging a CDF tank, and then the other. Commander called one of the reinforcing elements from the forward zone.

Commander lost four more to two more tanks, one T-34/85 and one T-55. 2nd squad BTR was destroyed. Commander then began to retreat to the area to rendezvous with one of the reinforcing BTR squads.

At that point, yet another tank entered the area.

The operations suffered catastrophic losses. Two BTRs, 12 effectives total. Tank which had been repaired in field once were damaged again by enemy armor overrunning their positions.

Separatists suffered as well. Field count of separatist losses include three destroyed tanks, no fewer than four BMPs, one BTR-80A and one BRDM scout car.

3) Operations staff from 1st Bn, Chernarus 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade sent out a warning to that separatists were planning to take Kostensi in Leskovets from the march.

The weather was rainy and the road march to Kostensi took nearly 45 minutes.

Separatist infantry initiated two attacks from the northwest, both of which were stopped cold by 3rd squad and a supporting CDF BRDM scout car. Another infantry attack coming from the northeast was stopped by 2nd squad.

A CDF BRDM scout car was destroyed by a separatist RPG shot, but 2nd squad held on. In the meantime, a friendly relief column was ambushed on the road to Kostensi by a pair of technicals. One BTR was destroyed along with nine effectives.

Separatist armor struck in Kostensi next. Vehicle after vehicle attempted to enter town from the east, but every one was stopped by the task force's tanks. 2nd squad's BTR was destroyed by a T-34/85.

Air cover entered the area about 20 minutes after it was occupied, but the SU-25 ground interdiction aircraft were not much of a factor. Both were shot down with the losses of the air crews.

Losses were moderate. The task force lost one BRDM scout car and two BTRs, counting the relief forces. 2nd squad lost five and 3rd squad lost two. All units withdrew from the battle area in good order.

Separatists losses were heavy. Field counts include two BRDMs, one T-34/85, one BMP and two technicals.

4) A combat group from 1st Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack Dolina in Chernarus early Sunday morning.

The main locus of the operation was the elimination of the two criminal operatives who led the invasion of Dolina Saturday night: Jovan Duka and Angela Rexha. Both were low level operatives within the separatist camp and only recently acquired their new unit.

This attack is the second in six weeks, and the third since August. Dolina is a critical location from which the separatists could launch an attack on Berezino, which Chernarus Defense Forces have been holding since 2017.

As in the previous operations, the attack came from the south and along a broad front. As soon as the movement into town began, separatist artillery began to pound friendly forces, costing command squad two dead.

As the combat group penetrated Dolina's defenses, both BRDM scout cars began their assault. Both were destroyed by RPG fire. As soon as the combat group entered town, command squad went to find the two operatives.

Commander found and eliminated the two, but was killed by the command group's security detail. The combat group continued to push north to locate the mortar battery positioned atop a hill. The battery was destroyed.

The remaining infantry forces retreated from town. Losses were moderate. Command squad lost five, while 3rd squad lost seven.

Recon staff from 1st Bn will analyze documents taken from the dead body of Rexa.

5) A spetsnaz detachment for Chernarus 2nd Army Corps was ordered to Mikhalovo in Beketov with a task of eliminating two separatist commanders early Wednesday morning.

According to intelligence gathered by 2nd Corps recon staff, Boris Yurinov and Tika Xhukici were preparing another attack on unspecified towns near Treshka River with a large assembly of troops and combat vehicles. Commander 2nd Corps ordered the assassinations.

The environment for the trip to Mikhalovo was clear so the insertion by a MI-24 gunship went very smoothly. With the support of another army MI-24 gunship, the detachment entered town and proceeded to the operatives' hideout.

The gunship made quick work of enemy technicals and enemy soldiers as the detachment made their way to the hideout.

The commander eliminated Yurinov and Xhukici, along with two elements of their security detail. The commander seized documents from a backpack worn by Xhukici.

The extraction helicopter suffered difficulties in extracting the detachment, so the commander ordered to bird abandoned. The pilot and gunner joined the detachment for evacuation by the attacking MI-24.

The spetznaz detachment was returned to base safely along with the gunship crew. The operation suffered no losses apart from the abandoned MI-24.

6) A reinforced task force from 2nd Bn, Chernrus 17th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack the town of Sevastianovo in Beketov Wednesday night.

Sevastianovo had been invaded by a separatist force led by two criminal operatives, Ismail Gjokaj and Margarita Tikhonova. Command 2nd Bn ordered their elimination. Separatist forces have been arresting people and placing them in detention, and they had been looting the residents of the town.

The tactical plan was for two BRDM scout car detachments to post in key areas, the better to stop incoming enemy reinforcements. 3rd squad was ordered to attack from the east along the main road leading through town. 2nd squad was ordered to enter town through a break in the southern fence line.

As the battle began, two enemy armored cars attempting to enter the town were destroyed by one of the BRDM AT scout cars. Both squads made their objective and began the process of clearing the town.

Command squad planned to enter town through a road, turn right and gain entry to the hide out of the operatives. Documents were recovered from the dead body of Margarita Tikhonova. Commander also eliminated the operatives' security detail.

As soon as artillery destroyed the separatists' supply trucks, the command drove for the building where intelligence said the separatists were keeping three prisoners. The command was killed in his attack, so his second command eliminated the operators guarding the prisoners. The prisoners refused to go with the commander.

The task force then was ordered to retreat from town, which they did without difficulty.

Casualties were light. Command squad bore the brunt of the fighting with four dead. The separatists losses were heavy, Field reports were that one BTR-80A and one BRDM were destroyed. The attacking helicopter destroyed a BRDM attempting to enter the town.

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