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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from December 25th to December 31st, Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a decreased pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in five operations in three regions

1) This is the first run through of a Deniland campaign. Chernarus amphibious naval infantry are the primary forces involved.

The scenario was an attack on Lukovo with three naval infantry squads, inserted by assault boat. The attack was successful. The command located and eliminated the two criminal operatives and their security detail.

The commander also found and recorded a mass execution site just north of town.

Bugs abounded in this run through, but the basic operation of the campaign file is good, yet needs some adjusting.

2) A Chernarus Naval Defense Forces 2nd Separate Naval Infantry Rifle group was tasked with attacking Markograd in Deniland after naval intelligence learned it was taken over by separatists Saturday evening.

Leading the separatist force which took over the town, were the criminal command group of Matija Depraradovich and Agnesa Lajcaj. Forces under their command had been terrorizing residents of Markograd including attests and kidnappings.

Commander of the naval task force ordered the naval infantry group to land by assault boat drive out the separatist forces, and eliminate the criminal command group. An additional task for the commander of the rifle group was to locate and find a dead drop of documents stolen from the separatists by local informants.

The task force attacked the town along a broad front moving north against heavy fire. 3rd squad took the left wing while 2nd squad took the right. Command squad immediately ran into two heavy machine gun technicals, which were quickly destroyed.

Heavy enemy fire continued as command squad advanced towards the hideout of the criminal command group. The commander located and eliminated Lajcaj and took documents from her person.

By then the task force had advanced to the main east-west road. 3rd squad was ordered to hold its position while command squad shifted towards the dead drop east of town.

Command squad and 2nd squad encountered a heavy enemy counterattack. The commander was pinned down and forced to hold his position as the counterattack closed. The commander was killed in the firefight, but the counterattack was stopped.

Command squad advanced to the dead drop location and took control of the documents. At that point the town was cleared, so the order came down to retreat. 3rd squad was ordered to continue to hold its position while 2nd retreated.

When the commander gave the retreat order to 3rd squad, it was unable to move due to enemy counterfire. Command squad advanced near to 3rd squad position and attacked the enemy rifle force. The action shook 3rd squad loose and it began its retreat south.

Casualties were moderate. Command squad lost three including the commander. 3rd squad lost six, most of them holding their position, while 2nd squad lost two. Command squad's transport boat was stuck in the sand due to low tide, so the rest of command squad evacuated by rubber boat.

3) An element of 2nd Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to Schwanefeld in Werferlingen to defend against a separatist armor force heading its way late Sunday morning.

Recon staff of 2nd Bn told command staff that, according to electronic intercepts, the separatists would storm Schwanefeld from the march. Weather in the region was just bad enough to help them with concealment as they neared the town.

The task force commander set up his defensive zone, expecting separatist forces to move to Schwanefeld via Buchberg forest. Instead separatist forces attacked from the northwest.

One light rifle probe came over the ridge near Buchberg forest. Chernarus heavy machine gun fire and artillery stopped the probe.

Two more rifle attacks came between Buchberg forest and Wallbeck, with both being stopped, partially with artillery. The commander shifted one BRDM scout car to the west to bolster defenses.

Several enemy armor and technicals arrived to the north of town, starting with two BRDM scour cars. One was destroyed with RPG fire and the other with tank gunfire.

Casualties were light with command squad taking the brunt. Command squad lost four including its BTR. The task force retreated from Schwanefeld in good order.

4) From 2nd Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade came an order to attack and clear the hamlet of Rogovo in Chernarus Tuesday night.

Among the tasks set out for the task force commander was the elimination of the two separatist commanders, Boris Yurinov and Elena Popov, who led the operation to take Rogovo.

The tactical plan was for 2nd and 3rd squads to assault into Rogovo from the southeast, while command squad assaults from the southwest. Two BRDM scout cars were staged on the southern road leading into Rogovo.

Before the attack took place, both BRDM scout cars were destroyed by separatist artillery. Command squad reached the hamlet first and began the process of clearing Rogovo of enemy soldiers.

The commander ordered a one shot artillery attack on one technical. Later the commander was killed by another technical.

The deputy commander continued the operation by finding and eliminating Yurinov's second in command and seizing document she was know to be carrying. Once the order came down to retreat, command squad remained in Rogovo to cover the retreat.

It was at that moment, two squads of separatist infantry entered town from the northwest. The deputy commander could not reach supporting artillery, so his squad began to retreat from town rather than stay and fight.

Rifle fire from the separatist reinforcements was extremely heavy, and despite command squad retreating from town, the enemy infantry continued to pursue.

3rd squad received the call to assist command squad, mostly by attacking the separatists' flank, but they too suffered heavy casualties. 3rd squad decided to retreat along with command squad, but they like command squad were cut down to just three effectives.

Casualties were heavy with 14 riflemen being killed, plus six BRDM crewmen.

5) A Chernarus Defense Forces spetsnaz team, directly attached to Chernarus Coastal Operations group was ordered to go to Sinyastok in far northern Chernarus to eliminate several personalities.

Klement Tinaj and a female deputy were identified as one of several command groups with a specialization in logistics. Additionally a four man private contractor group in Sinyastok for rest and recreation, had been identified as one of several groups known for committing atrocities against civilians on the orders of criminal command groups.

The spetsnaz team inserted by MI-24 helicopter about one kilometer south of Sinyastok, and proceeded into the town. Another gunship was called in to provide air cover as the group penetrated the town's security perimeter.

Tinaj and his assistant both were found inside a residence. The commander eliminated them both, while the team located and dispatched their security detail.

The team then proceeded north to located the private contractor team and eliminate them as well.

During extraction, the transport bird underwent attacks from enemy troops inside of town. The team's RPG gunner and the commander were hit. The commander died.

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