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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from January 15th to January 21st, Inclusive.

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The tempo of combat operations continued at a Steady pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in three operations in two regions

1) Operations staff for 2nd Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to defend Ribbenstedt in Werferlingen, after the staff concluded separatist forces would attempt to take the town from the march early Saturday morning.

Two battles have taken place in that vicinity in Werferligen, just three kilometers east in the last two weeks; one a friendly troop evacuation operation and one a general counterattack against separatist forces which had taken the town.

In December, Chernarus Defense Forces mobile forces defended Horsingen against a separatist attack, only to be overrun by separatist mobile forces.

Ribbenstedt is bisected by a river. The tactical plan was to deploy 2nd squad on the west side of the river, along with Scout 2 BRDM scout car, to defend the west against infantry attacks. Tanks and wheeled armor were not expected to attack from that direction.

3rd squad was to deploy near the gas station, near the intersection, while command squad near the bridge with Scout 1 deploy to deal with infiltrators. A small reinforcing element was ordered to town to assist.

Both tanks were deployed on the northern edge of town where most of the armor was expected to attack.

The first attacks were by two BRDM scout cars, both of which were destroyed by the tanks. A second armor group appeared from the north as well. Both were destroyed but not before eliminating six from command squad.

Infantry attacks commenced by the time, one from the north and one from the northwest, which were stopped. One T-34/85 tank entered the town from the west and destroyed Scout 2 before it was destroyed by RPG gun fire from 2nd squad.

Another T-34/85 tank along with an infantry attack pressed from the northwest. The T-34 destroyed command squad's BTR and the remaining crew. Commander deployed a relieving tank to the west to cover that approach.

Not sure what happened at that point, but a BTR-80A entered the town from the west, apparently with another BRDM scout car. The tank on the west side suffered a crew kill. The BRDM was destroyed.

When the order came down to withdraw command squad pushed across the bridge to a point to act as cover for 2nd squad to withdraw to the east. Command discovered the CDF tank was intact, and used it to destroy the BTR-80A.

Casualties were moderate. Command squad lost seven, and 2nd squad lost four. One BRDM scout car was destroyed, and one T-72 was recovered after the crew kill.

Separatists suffered as well with the loss of at least four BRDM scour cars, one BTR-80A and at least three T-34/85s.

2) Later Saturday afternoon, a task force assembled from 1st Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to north Graslaben in Werferlingen to intercept a separatist mobile force preparing to storm the town.

The weather was intermittent heavy snow, which was a factor in optics for both sides.

The tactical plan was for the task force to establish a broad arc northeast by northwest, concentrating on covering the main north-south road, said to be the most likely route into town.

3rd squad was to cover the northeast approach and would be supported by Scout 1 BRDM scout car. 2nd squad would take the western approach, and also supported by Scout 2. Command squad took the main road, covered by Tank 1.

Tank 2 covered the west approaches over open ground.

The separatists opened the battle by sending two BRDM scout cars and a rifle squad down the road. One of the scout car was destroyed by tank gunfire. The enemy infantry advance resulted in a 10 minute firefight.

The second scout car attempted to maneuver around command squad's position, but it too was caught by friendly tank gunfire. A second enemy rifle squad advanced but was stopped by counterfire from command squad, and by artillery fire.

No fewer than two BMP-1s attempted to penetrate the town defensive zone, both of which were stopped by tank gunfire. One T-34/85 tank came within 300 meters of 3rd squad's position, eliminating four plus the squad BTR. Scout 2 also was destroyed by the T-34.

The tank was eventually destroyed by 3rd squad RPG gunners and grenadiers, before 3rd squad attempted to retreat deeper into town.

Tank 2 was ordered to Tank 1's position, as Tank 1 was retasked to the open ground in front of command squad. No fewer than three more BMPs attempt to approach the town, but were destroyed by tank gunfire.

A third tank from the reinforcing element arrived in town and took up a position formerly held by Tank 2. Just as command squad was preparing to attack a T55, the order to retreat from Grasleben was issued.

Communications with the artillery battery were spotty, so smoke missions to cover the retreat of 3rd squad could not be ordered. 3rd squad was ordered to withdraw to rally1, just south of the railroad tracks.

The rest of the task force was ordered to retreat west of Mariental (Horst).

Casualties were moderate. Command squad lost three, while 3rd squad lost four. One BRDM scout car was destroyed. One tank suffered a mobility hit, but commander considered the situation too dangerous to attempt to cover a repair operation.

The crew were ordered to abandon the tank and join 3rd squad in its retreat south.

Separatist vehicle losses were heavy with two T-34/85s, five to six BMPs and three to four BRDMs destroyed.

3) A rifle group from 1st Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack the village of Msta in Chernarus Wednesday morning.

Two separatist commanders, Jovan Emmanuel and Ana Senicar led the force which took over the town just the night before. As part of their cleansing operation, the separatists took three locals imprisoned.

Battalion did not have the names of the prisoners, only that they included the mayor, her husband and her sister in law. Intel gathered from Msta said the separatists' plan was to execute the prisoners.

The tactical plan was for 2nd and 3rd squads to march to a point southeast of the village, with the objective of taking the northern edge of town and holding it against enemy counterattacks.

Command squad with one BRDM scout car would assault the village from the southwest. One BRDM would be held in reserve to transport the released prisoners.

At the outset, 3rd squad lost six effectives from artillery fire on the approach march. Command squad commenced its assault over open ground, but in an elevated position. The enemy rifles were concentrated in the southwest, so a firefight developed which killed the commander and his second in command.

The other infantry group took their designated position as command squad advanced into town under the covering fire of the BRDM. As command squad advanced, air cover in the form of one SU-25 ground interdiction fighter began to hit separatist technicals.

Once command squad close the hammer to the rifle group's anvil, resistance evaporated. Commander found Senicar and stripped her dead body of intelligence materials.

The commander then located and released the three prisoners, and assigned them to board the BRDM for transport. As the prisoners refused, a strong enemy counterattack arrived from the northwest. Another firefight developed, which eventually stopped the counterattack.

At the same time an enemy BRDM came into the area but was destroyed by air cover. When the order came down to pull out, the prisoners still refused to board the BRDM, so the commander ordered the BRDM commander to deal with them.

As the rest of the rifle group returned to base, a BTR-80A destroyed the reserve BRDM, and then the BRDM with the prisoners.

Casualties were heavy. Command squad lost four, while 3rd squad lost seven. Two BRDMs were destroyed.

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