Combat Summary, January 29th, 2021 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from January 22nd to January 28th, Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an increased pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in six operations in three regions.

1) Early Saturday morning a hastily assembled task force from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to Ribbonsdorf with the task of relieving troops stranded there by enemy attacks.

One week ago, forces from 2nd Bn were ordered to Ribbenstedt (2 kms SW of Rbbensdorf) to defend against a separatist attack. Casualties in that operation were moderate. Brigade command ordered a light rifle contingent from 3rd Bn to probe north into Ribbensdorf to assess enemy activity.

In relief operations, the central requirement is for the task force to send as many mobile troops in the area as possible. As it happened, one tank and both BRDM scout cars arrived on scene quickly.

The other tank had a traffic accident, so its crew was picked up by command squad. The crew were evacuated along with the other two trucks used for evacuating the stranded troops.

However, but the time the infantry arrived, both squads were wiped out, along with two technicals. A small remnant of enemy infantry were left, and they were dispatched quickly.

Command received a report that at least one enemy BRDM scout car was positioned south of Ribbenstedt. Commander sent both scout cars to the position. Both were destroyed by tank gunfire, so there were more than just a BRDM at the location.

Commander sent one tank from the forward zone and one tank from the area of operation to locate the enemy armor. The tank was a T-34/85, which managed to inflict a mobility hit on the task force's tank before being destroyed.

Casualties were moderate, with two BRDMs destroyed and one tank destroyed in a traffic accident. The remaining tank was repaired and sent on its way to the forward zone.

2) Early Monday morning, Chernarus Defese Forces spetsnaz team attached to Chernarus 1st Army Corps was ordered to Tisy in far northern Chernarus to eliminate a pair of separatist commanders.

The commanders, Enver Kadare and Valentina Blavatsky were in Tisy to assist a separatist rifle unit to rest and refit. The commanders also had worn their welcome thin with the locals with arbitrary arrests and prisoner abuse.

The team was inserted in a field by an army MI-24 attack bird one kilometers southeast of Tisy, from where they proceeded to the objective.

Once the other element of air support, an MI-24 gunship began its attack run, the team attacked the town. An intense firefight developed as the team headed to the criminal command group hideout, as the gunship engaged and destroyed two technicals.

The team commander found and eliminated both operatives and their security detail. He also seized documents from Blavatsky's dead body. After determining the criminal command team was eliminated, he ordered the team south to its extraction point.

The extract bird crash landed east of the pickup point. The crew survived and then was ordered to rendezvous with the ground team.

The backup extraction bird, the gunship, after fighting off separatist rapid reaction forces, crashed just north of the extraction point with the loss of all hands.

The commander ordered the team south of Novaya Petrovka, where the commander commandeered a truck. During the ride back to Balota airfield, the team encountered, but did not engage an enemy patrol.

There were no losses to the ground team. Air support lost both birds and an aircrew.

3) A naval infantry contingent from Chernarus 2nd Naval Infantry Brigade successfully defended aganst a separatist attack early Tuesday morning in Giswil in Napf.

The defense base at Giswil was taken and has been held by Chernarus naval infantry since 2017. The deployment is a block against separatist vehicles which are used sometimes to attack Brienz.

Giswil can only be resupplied by a weekly supply run using pack horses. The separatists routinely patrol the sea around Giswil, and sometimes attack in conjunction with overland attacks.

4) A Chernarus army spetsnaz team was ordered to eliminate a pair of separatist commanders in far northern Chernarus 2020, Wednesday morning.

Jovan Duka and Eva Dushku were busily setting up as transshipment point in Novaya Petrovka for the purpose of supplying separatist offensives further south.

The five man team was inserted about one kilometer south of the area of operation, which was the railyards. Providing air cover was one MI-24 gunship tasked with destroying heavy vehicles and enemy infantry.

In the initial penetration of the enemy's defensive zone, a firefight developed which pitted the team against an enemy rifle squad. Very heavy counterfire from the team ended the firefight and allowed the team to proceed to the railyards.

The commander located and eliminated both commanders, and their security detail. The commander also stripped intelligence documents from the dead body of Dushka.

The team retreated to the extraction point, but the extraction bird had crash landed about 500 meters northwest from the extraction point. The gunship providing air cover was called in to pickup the team. The aircrew joined the team and evacuated along with the team.

There were no casualties, and one destroyed helicopter.

5) A Chernarus army spetsnaz team was ordered to Sinystok in far northern Chernarus to extract a pair of friendly operatives early Thursday morning.

According to recon staff at Chernarus 1st Army Corps, the two operatives attempted to escape south, but were stopped by a separatist patrol.

The operatives escaped capture but wound up holed up in a warehouse in Sinystok. The separatists were beginning building to building searches to find the operatives.

The team was inserted about 800 meters south of Sinystok, and then they marched north. The air cover was called in to deal with the two technicals posted in town.

A firefight erupted between the team and the separatists only 400 meters from the operatives' hideout. Two team members were hit, but they were given first aid to continue.

The firefight ended just as the team reached the operatives' hideout. The commander recovered one female informant, but the other was missing and presumed killed by the separatists.

The team and the recovered informant extracted at a point just 300 meters south of Sinystok. They were returned to the naval aviation airfield at Balota.

The recovered informant will be debriefed by recon staffs with 1st Army Corps and Chernarus 19th Naval Recon Battalion.

The operation suffered no casualties.

6) A rifle group assembled from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigde was ordered to attack and clear the village of Rogovo in Chernarus Thursday afternoon.

One of the tasks assigned to the rifle group was the elimination of two separatist operatives, Vladimir Rozhin and Bojana Dobrojevic, both of whom commanded the separatist group which occupied Rogovo since early Thursday morning.

This is the second town clearing operation since late December. In that operation, although it was successful, it also was costly with two BRDM scout cars destroyed and almost half the infantry killed.

As in the first operation, the tactical plan was for 2nd and 3rd squads to attack from the southeast, while command squad attacked from the southwest. The two BRDMs were parked in Pogorevka, just a few hundred meters south.

Command squad was hit by separatist artillery losing one in the advance on Rogovo. As command squad approached Rogovo, resistance stiffened. Commander called in an artillery strike on an enemy technical, destroying it with two shot.

Commander also ordered an artillery strike against an enemy rifle group holding a line south of Rogovo. From there, command squad entered town to begin the process of clearing it of separatists.

Both of the separatist commanders were killed, but commander could not find the corpse of Bojana Dobrojevic. She was part of the command element responsible for holding important documents.

Once the order came down to retreat, both 2nd and 3rd squad were ordered out of town, while command squad held its position. Moments later command squad began its retreat but ran into a separatist rapid reaction force, which was positioned as a block.

An intensive firefight developed. Command squad broke up the infantry block but suffered more casualties, including the commander.

3rd squad, meanwhile, retreated south one kilometer. 2nd squad became pinned down by enemy riflemen, and a BTR-80A. After a brief firefight which included the destruction of the BTR, 2nd squad shook off its attackers and continued its retreat south.

Losses were moderate. Command squad lost four, 2nd squad lost two and 3rd squad lost three. One SU-25 ground interdiction fighter was shot down. The pilot survived.

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