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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from January 29th to February 4th, Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a decreased pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in five operations in four regions.

1) 2nd Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized rifle Brigade rushed a task force to Werferlingen city to evacuate two rifle squads and two technicals stranded and facing an attack by separatist forces.

The rifle squads and technicals sent to Werferlingen city were sent there as a probe to test separatist defense and response times. This is the third probe in Werferlingen city in three weeks and the fifth in that general region.

Separatist forces attacked the rail yard where most of the rifle units were deployed, throwing infantry as well as BMPs at them. Friendly tanks were on the scene first followed by the BRDM scout cars.

The tactical plan was to move 2nd and 3rd squad across the river on the south bridge, while command squad supported by one tank would take the middle bridge. Command was planning on hitting enemy forces in a concentric attack.

When command squad arrived on the southern outskirts of Werferlingen, the two other rifle squads were retreating south. An enemy BTR-80A had attacked 2nd and 3rd squad, inflicting infantry losses on 3rd squad.

Command squad dismounted and began to push north., All three of the task force's BTRs were lined up like bowling pins, when a separatist T-34/85 arrived, destroying 3rd squad and command squad's BTRs. A frantic counterfire by command squad's RPG gunners and grenadiers put the tank out of action.

2nd and 3rd squad were ordered to the south bridge, while the two T-72s were ordered to cross the bridge and link up with the two rifle squads, now cut down to a total of five effectives. The two relieved rifle squad were ordered to cross the south bridge and head to a rendezvous point where evacuation trucks were waiting.

By the time the repair truck arrived to repair the enemy BTR-80A, the remnants of one rifle squad were on their way back to our lines. The sole survivor of the other squad refused to board a truck and was folded into command squad.

3rd squad then was ordered to evacuate aboard one of the scout cars, as they retreated south. The remainder of the task force retreated south one kilometer.

While the operation was successful, casualties were moderate. Command squad lost its BTR and its gunner, while 3rd squad lost nine effectives, including its BTR.

2) 1st Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to Gross Steinum in Werferlingen early Saturday morning after brigade recon staff indicated a probable enemy attack.

The tactical plan for deployment was a northward facing arc intended to catch any attempt by separatists to enter the town.

The western wing of the deployment was attacked by a rifle squad, whch was stopped by Tank 1. The remainder of the time in town experienced no other attacks or probes by enemy forces.

The deployment was a case of faulty intelligence. The task force was ordered to retreat three kilometers southeast to Supplingenburg.

No casualtes were suffered in the operation.

3) An armored task force formed from elements of 2nd Bn, Chernarus 33rd Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to Hitlersreid in western Cham to intercept a separatist mobile force.

Battalion recon staff determined a separatist force was advancing to Hitlersrief based on reports by local agents and by radio intercepts.

The tactical deployment was the infantry group would deploy in a short arc about 600 meters long, with one tank on the east covering a road and one tank in the middle covering a northern road.

Attacks by separatist forces began almost immediately, starting with attacks by technicals, then by a technical and a BRDM scout car.

A heavy infantry attack were pressed against the position of 3rd squad, which cost 3rd squad a damaged BTR and four dead. Command squad moved their position up to backstop 3rd squad, to eliminate the enemy attack.

But the main action was separatist armor attempting to bypass the armor block on the eastern road. The tank covering that road suffered a mobility hit, so command ordered the other tank east to backstop their position.

Casualties were moderate, with 2nd squad losing two and 3rd squad losing eight. Both 3rd squad's BTR and a tank were repaired in the field, and were withdrawn abut a kilometer south when the retreat order came down.

The separatist mobile group was heavily smashed with three destroyed techicals. Field counts include three destroyed BRDM scout cars, three BMPs and two tanks.

4) A rifle group from 1st Bn Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack Guglovo Sunday night after discovering the hamlet was overtaken by separatist forces the morning before.

Among the tasks assigned to the rifle group was the elimination of a pair of separatist operatives, Viktor Kaba and his second in command Anastasia Shanina, both of whom were planning to assist subsequent separatist operations.

The tactical plan was for 2nd and 3rd squads to attack from the east, while command squad attacked from the west. Both BRDM scout cars would provide heavy machine gun fire support to command squad's push into Guglovo.

In the initial approach march, command squad lost two to separatist artillery fire. In the push to enter the village, command squad engaged in an intense firefight with separatist infantry patrols, losing two.

On the eastern flank, 2nd and 3rd squad continued to apply pressure from the east, with 3rd squad losing two.

Once inside the separatists' defensive zone in the hamlet, resistance collapsed quickly. The commander located Shanina and exchanged gunfire with her. The commander was wounded in the exchange, but Shanina was killed.

The commander stripped Shanina of important intelligence documents. Command squad lost another two in the fighting, including the commander while room clearing. The second in command destroyed supply trucks separatists had placed there the morning before.

The rifle group was encountered by another separatist quick reaction force, which was stopped by the rifle group counterfire. With the town cleared, the retreat order came down. 2nd and 3rd squads left first, then the BRDMs, and then command squad.

As command squad was leaving, another separatist rapid reaction force arrived, and partially pursued command squad south.

Losses were moderate with command squad losing six and 3rd squad losing two. Recon staff for Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade will begin analyzing the documents seized from Shanina.

5) A joint operation including special forces from Chernarus Defense Forces and the Kurdish YPG, and combat aviation of the Army of the Czech Republic, took place Wednesday night in Reshmaan province.

Chernarus spetsnaz teams had been sent to Reshmaan to help dismantle criminal enterprises being set up and run by Russian and Serbian speaking contractors.

The operation was centered around the hamlet of Jabirah where two lead contractors, Boris Yurinov and Anna Alliluyeva, were conducting a campaign of terror against local residents.

NATO intelligence said that the group had only recently massacred a number of civilians, and were planning to dig their forces in at Jabirah.

Flying air cover were two Czech Republic MI-35 attack helicopters, one assigned to directly attack vehicles in town and the other assigned to cover any quick reaction forces trying to get through to Jabirah.

The Czech Republic forces also provided two technicals for the operation.

The tactical plan was for the two YPA special forces groups to attack and clear Jabirah on its west side, while the CDF team pushed in through the east side.

YPG Team 2 ran into a buzzsaw, eventually losing four out of the seven in their team. Air cover and YPG Team 3 intervened and eliminated further threats to Team 2.

The commander pushed his team on to the building housing the criminal command group, and eliminated them and their security detail. The commander seized documents from the person of Anna Alliluyeva.

Pushing yet further north, the commander located and recorded the hasty mass grave containing the murdered civilians, then ordered all teams out.

As the command team was leaving two enemy infantry teams were bearing down on the team.

Casualties were moderate, with Team 2 losing four dead.

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