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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from February 12th to February 18th, Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a decreased pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in four operations in three regions.

1) A task force assembled from 1st Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to Ahmsdorf in Werferlingen, to attack and clear the town of separatist forces Friday evening.

Battalion recon staff found out about the occupation from a variety of sources, including informants. The occupation of Ahmsdorf was led by two separatist commanders, Pavel Belobodorov and Nina Ivanovic, and included two heavy MRAP vehicles.

Separatists took over Ahmsdorf five weeks ago, but a CDF counterattack drove separatist forces back. A counterattack by separatist forces on Rennau later the same day also was driven back.

Among the tasks assigned to the task force was the elimination of the two criminal operatives, and then locate a dead drop of documents stolen from separatist military sources.

The task force attacked from the east on a broad front, with 3rd squad advancing in the south, 2nd squad in the north and command squad attacking along the road. Both tanks were ordered to attack from the south.

The attacks went very smoothly. 3rd squad encountered heavy fire from one of the MRAPs and separatist infantry , but they were well supported by tank gun fire. Command squad penetrated into the town's security zone, located the two operatives and eliminated them.

With backing from one tank and one BRDM scout car, command squad pushed north to the dead drop and retrieved the documents. That accomplished, the command ordered a retreat south to Rennau.

As it transpired, only 2nd squad had trouble evacuating the town, owing to a damaged BTR. By this time darkness had fallen and separatist armor arrived. Commander ordered artillery missions to smoke up 2nd squad's position.

Commander ordered both task force tanks back into Ahmsdorf to eliminate separatist armor. RPG gunners and grenadiers destroyed the enemy BRDM and T-34/85. When 2nd squad attempted to leave, its route was blocked by a separatist BTR-80A.

One of the tanks fired on and destroyed the BTR-80A, enabling 2nd squad to continue its retreat south.

Casualties were moderate. 2nd squad lost three, while 3rd squad lost six. Field reports are that the separatists lost three armor vehicles, not including the MRAPS, but including a T-34/85.

2) A recon element from 43rd Mountain Rifle Corps was ordered to probe the area around Ribbenstedt in Werferlingen late Monday night.

43rd Mountain Rifle Corps agreed with the assessment of recon staffs from a week ago which concluded that the separatists were planning to maintain a defensive line at Werferlingen-Ribbenstedt-Behnsdorf.

The probe triggered an enemy response. As the enemy began to mass for an attack, the recon elements called for a relief operation. A hastily assembled task force from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Rifle Brigade was ordered to Ribbenstedt to evacuate friendly forces.

In relief operations, it is paramount that as many mobile elements get to the relieving force as quickly as possible. In this operation, two tanks and two BRDM scout cars arrived in the scene first.

By the time the whole of the task force arrived, one of the two rifle squads were wiped and the other was cut down to half strength. The task force elements took up positions to allow the remaining squad and the crew of an abandoned technical to be evacuated.

Command squad engaged two enemy rifle probes which bore down on Ribbenstedt from the north. Fire from friendly rifles, their BTRs and BRDMs quickly destroyed the attacks. The remaining relieved force were evacuated safely from Ribbenstedt.

The commander of the task force then ordered his forces to retreat south to Eshenrode to take up defensive positions along the rail road tracks north of Hodingen. All forces retreated in good order.

Casualties were light. 2nd squad lost one. The relieved force lost five and one technical.

Enemy vehicle losses were very heavy. Field counts of enemy vehicles losses included one T-55 tank, two t-35/85 tanks, and one BTR-80A.

3) A rifle element from 1st Bn Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack Vybor in Chernarus Wednesday night. The village was taken over by separatists the previous morning.

Vybor was attacked by 1st Bn twice. The first attack resulted in a 93 percent casualty rate and was a failure. 4th Brigade operations staff determined that a combination of heavy MRAPS defending in town and the early arrival of enemy reinforcements cost the successful conclusion of the operation.

Additionally, command squad lost four in a separatist artillery attack in the approach march. The approach march was concentrated with all three rifle squads approaching in line in a tight formation.

The second attack, pressed only 30 mins after the first one, was a total success. The approach march was far more dispersed. Command squad approach this time from the south west, while the other squads approach from the south, thereby avoiding separatist artillery fire.

The main mission in both attacks was the elimination of the criminal operatives, Vladimir Rozhin and Anastasia Shanina. They ordered the detention of citizens they suspected would cause them trouble.

Three of the detainees were in fact informants for the Chernarus military, specifically 4th Brigade. The informants were given burner phones to report on enemy activity.

The three were released and evacuated aboard one of the two BRDM scout cars which served as heavy machine gun fire support. The commander also eliminated the criminal command group, and extracted documents from the dead body of Shanina.

The task force retreated in good order south. No friendly casualties were reported.

4) An amphibious detachment from 1st Bn, Chernarus 2nd Naval Infantry Brigade was ordered to attack and recapture the town of Crna bara in Deniland Thursday afternoon.

Recon staff from Chernarus Coastal Operations Group detailed a report where a separatist force entered the town the evening before, and were planning to impose their rule on the villagers.

The marine group, aside the task of clearing the town of separatists, was ordered to eliminate the two commanders who led the takeover, Nikolay Zmajevic and Olesya Mahendru.

Three naval infantry rifle squads aboard three assault boats traveled up river accompanied by a motor torpedo boat, there to provide heavy machine gun fire support.

The tactical plan for the attack was for command squad to head directly for the hideout of the commanders, while the other two squads probed on the south end of the town.

Enemy technicals fired and hit 2nd squad as it began its operation, causing it to lose seven effectives. 3rd squad by this time had only just dismounted their boat and began to head inland.

Command squad began to clear buildings in the middle of the enemy's defensive zone, including the two technicals. The building housing the operatives was found and they were eliminated. Documents were seized.

Another task assigned to the marine rifle group was the elimination of a mortar battery, but command squad was unable to locate the mortars.

Commander issued a retreat order after clearing the town. Casualties were moderate, with 2nd squad losing eight, and command squad losing its commander.

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