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The oddsmakers have George Mason 6.5 points over Florida.

Welcome to the advent of stealth college basketball, folks. Sired by the NCAA selection committee and brought screaming into birth by sloppy play by the Spartans, Tarheels and Shockers, the NCAA is in the grip of distributed poverty, also known as sports parity, the wet dream of every socialist in the ISO, the fevered fantasy of every leftist democrat.

No one knows about George Mason basketball, except for genuine basketball junkies.

Anyone remember the last Colonial Athletic Association game ESPN broadcast on Big Monday? We don't either and we suspect if ESPN did broadcast a game it was early in the season when only the truly fanatical amongst us would care about teams such as Hofstra and William and Mary.

Folks who did the bracket thing had zero idea this NCAA Tournament 11th seed would knock off UConn in overtime, let alone Michigan State, North Carolina and Wichita State. Even for very good teams from major conferences that is a very tough road to navigate. Duke split two regular season games with the Tar Heels. We are still wondering how a minor conference team like George Mason did it.

And George Mason didn't squeak by in any of those tournament games; Ten, five and seven points respectively, GMU defeated these teams. George Mason screwed up royally our first and second round prediction in the D.C. Regional.

A sportswriter we went to j-school with opined recently that placing a minor conference team into a single elimination tournament doesn't really mean the often overstated sentiment every team is as good a every other team in basketball in the NCAA is gospel truth. We like to say it ourself as the prime reason why we love college basketball, but we know that if George Mason was to find itself in the ACC, the SEC or the Big Ten, that school would be a conference bottom dweller, a welcome team to have on senior day festivities.

Take Michigan State, please. Every team in the Big 10 split their conference games with Michigan State: Ohio State, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and etc. Ohio State at 25-6, to our thinking at the time, the very best in the Big 10 beat the Spartans by 10 and lost by three. At one point they were ranked as high as 14th in the country, and we were thinking at the time the Spartans could really mess us things in the Big 10 conference tournament.

See where we are going with this? If Michigan State had a second bite at the apple, would they be able to swallow George Mason?

There's a reason why it is such a big deal that a small school can beat larger schools in single elimination tournaments, and the NCAA made certain the press and sportscasters were aware of it.

Unfortunately for the nation, none of us, sportscasters, sportswriters, bloggers, basketball junkies have even an inkling of that the reason is and we seriously doubt the shapers of the egalitarian ladened agenda of the NCAA would reveal the reason to us proles.

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