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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from April 2nd to April 8th Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a steady pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in five operations in four regions.

1) A separatist force invaded and took over the town of Wellendorf in Rosche Friday afternoon. The force was led by two operatives, Zakhar Prilepin and Naria Sharapova, both of whom were marked for elimination by brigade commander, 10th Separate Tank Brigade.

4th Bn was ordered to attack and to clear the town. A task force marched to the area of operation in 15 minutes before the attack commenced.

The tactical plan was for 2nd squad and one tank to attack from the east, while 3rd squad and one tank attack from the northeast. Command squad, along with one BRDM scout car would attack along the road from the southwest.

Command squad ran into heavy resistance attempting to gain the operatives' command post, and lost one in the drive. 2nd squad also penetrated into the town and encountered heavy resistance as well.

Several short firefights developed as command squad approached the enemy command post. Commander entered the building, located and eliminated Sharapova, seizing documents she was known to be carrying.

The separatists also brought with them three supply trucks, which the commander and others destroyed. Then the order to withdraw back to base came down once the town was cleared.

During the retreat tank 1 was attacked by a reinforcing BTR-80A and was mobile disabled. Commander was not aware until he reached rally 1, near Gross Ellenburg. Commander ordered a new operation including 3rd squad to cover tank 1 so it could be repaired.

When the repairs were complete another BTR attacked disabling tank 2. At the same time an infantry group massed along the route of retreat. Command squad was ambushed, losing its BTR, its commander and all but two effectives in the ensuing firefight.

Tank 2's crew were ordered to bail and evacuate with 3rd squad, its commander being the task force and operation commander.

Casualties were heavy. Command squad lost ten including its commander and its BTR, while 2nd squad lost five. One tank was abandoned.
Field counts report the separatists lost two BTRs and two technicals.

2) 1st Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was issued a warning order that separatist mobile troops would attempt to take over Rhode in Werferlingen Saturday morning.

Rhode was the scene of a relief operation three and a half months ago when two CDF rifle squads were stranded along with two technicals, and nearly wiped out.

It took the task force nearly 45 minutes to move from the battalion forward zone to Rhode. It took nearly 45 minutes for the first of the enemy force to appear in Rhode.

Friendly relief units arrived as well and were placed in backstopping positions to the south the monitor any infantry infiltration. One of the relief tanks overturned just north of the river at Rennau. The crew were ordered to stay put and await relief.

Infantry attacks took place from the north, and both were defeated. Heavy armor began to appear shortly after that, and were stopped as well.

The commander ordered the retreat, and began the task for withdrawing his forces, recon units first, then infantry and then the heavy armor.

When time came for the tanks to withdraw, one of them suffered a mobility. With the great bulk of his forces withdraw to Ahmstorf to the east, the commander ordered the tank to be abandoned and the crew to evacuate with the other tank.

During the road march to Rhode, the commander ordered his logistics vehicles to park in Rennau. An enemy mobile force of unknown size attacked the vehicles, causing them to abandon their position. Command squad cleared Rennau of enemy presence.

An ad hoc force was formed with a BRDM, and the tanks, one of them the repaired relief force tank. The force was constituted in Rennau, and began its retreat south and back to base.

Losses were moderate. Command squad lost one. 2nd squad lost none, while 3rd squad lost two. One tank was abandoned in Rhode.

Field reports put the separatist losses at one BMP-1, two BRDMs, one T-34/85 and one T-55 tanks.
v 3) 3rd Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack the city of northern Werferlingen in Werferlingen Sunday afternoon.

Battalion recon staff indicated that separatist forces entered Werferlingen that morning and were setting up a base. The force was led by separatist operatives, Alexei Mishchenko and Roza Vyalitsyna.

The tactical plan was for 2nd and 3rd squads to cross the river at the bridge immediately north of the rail bridge, along with one tank, The task force's sole BRDM would cover the bridge north of that crossing while command squad would cross the north bridge.

Delays were encountered with 2nd and 3rd squad crossing the river as well as command squad. A firefight developed between command squad and enemy defending the bridge, eventually ending with command squad crossing the bridge under heavy fire.

Commander went to the criminal operatives' command post, found the female element, and after a brief exchange of gunfire, eliminated her. Commander also seized documents battalion recon staff said she would be carrying.

When command squad attempted to close with the three supply trucks they were tasked with destroying, enemy heavy vehicles arrived. Because of heavy losses, commander ordered all rifle squads to retreat back across the river.

Command sent a tank across, which destroyed the supply trucks, but was damaged by enemy RPG and grenade fire.

The task force was damaged but had successfully retreated back to the designated rally point. Losses were heavy. Command squad lost eight while 2nd and 3rd squad lost one each. One BRDM was destroyed.

Enemy heavy vehicles losses were heavy as well: two T-55s, one T-34/85, three BMPs, one BTR-80A and two BRDMs.

4) An element from 2nd Bn Chernarus 17th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack and clear the town of Groznovo in Beketov Monday evening.

The commander of the task force had several tasks, one of whch was to eliminate the two operatives who led the separatist takeover of town and to destroy supply trucks the separatists brought with them. A third task included releasing a trio of intel operatives held captive in town.

All tasks were completed successfully, but there were losses, including four from command squad including the commander. Both SU-25s flying air support were shot down. The actring commander retreated from town just prior to the arrival of separatist heavy armor. The remainder of the task force reteated from town in good order.

5) Command staff, Chernarus 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade issued a warning order to commander 1st Bn that separatist forces would attempt to take over the town of Damyanovo, Leskovets ,Thursday afternoon.

Only a week ago separatists attempted to take over an area 2 kms west of Granichak in a daylight raid which met with Chernarus forces. Both sides suffered heavy vehicle losses.

The road march to Damyanovo took an hour total. The tactical plan for dealing with this meeting engagement was for the tanks to cover the northeast, covering the main road leading from Granichak. The task force's rifles would take up positions in town.

The separatists attempted to enter town from the northeast road, only to be destroyed by tank gun fire. Directly afterwards, two rifle squads attacked from the northwest, but were stopped by the two scout car deployed to the west.

When the task force was ordered back to base, two BMPs blocked the main exfiltration route out of town. The task force's tanks destroyed both BMPs.
v As friendly reinforcements began moving up, they encountered two machine gun technicals about two kilometers west of Berkovitsa. The reinforcements destroyed both technicals, but were ordered to remain at their location to monitor enemy movement.

Meanwhile in Damanyovo, three columns were formed. One of the BRDMs, 2nd squad and one tank moved off to retreat to Kostensi. Then a second column was formed with the second BRDM and 2nd squad. Then came command squad and one tank.

The first column was ambushed by another BRDM just northwest of Kostensi. The column's BRDM was destroyed. The second column, moving past the stretch of road where the ambush took place, encountered a BMP, which stopped them.

The third column tank went into action and destroyed the enemy vehicle.

Casualties were extremely light. One dead for 3rd squad, and the destroyed BRDM. The enemy lost, by field count, three BRDMs, three BMPs, and two technicals.

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