Combat Summary, April 16th, 2021 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from April 9th to April 15th Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a steady pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in five operations in four regions.

1) In Rosche, command staff Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade issued a warning order to 1st Bn operations staff that a separatist force was planning to overrun the town of Rassau Friday night.

Following two consecutive attempts at securing the western flank of 1st Bn's area of operation at Hanstedt in the last two weeks, separatists appeared to drive for Rassau, slightly closer to 4th Bn's forward zone.

The tactical plan for defending Rassau was to post the two tanks overseeing the two north south roads leading into town, with the BRDM scout cars screening their flanks.

In the initial contact, two separatist grenade launcher technicals were destroyed by tank gun fire. A total of three BRDM cars were destroyed while attempting to enter town. A BTR-80A also was destroyed.

The task force destroyed a total of three BMPs. No rifle attacks were recorded during the operation, which explains the low casualties.

Losses for the whole operation amounted to a single solder from 3rd squad, killed in a traffic accident during the retreat.

Field counts for enemy losses were four BRDMs, three, BMPs, two technicals and one BTR-80A.

Command, Chernarus 10th Tank Brigade expects separatists will continue to conduct operations in the future in the west, despite their severe losses.

2) An amphibious group from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 2nd Separate Naval Infantry Brigade was ordered to attack and clear Location 16021,6856 in Virolahti Saturday evening.

Location 16021,6856 was occupied by Russian speaking separatist troops led by the criminal operatives Boris Yurinov and Helena Tereshkova.

The tactical was for the amphibious force to land less than 150 meters from the objective under the cover of approaching darkness, heavy rains and a choppy sea.

Command squad and 2nd squad would secure a small beachhead, while 3rd squad upon landing would head south to establish a fire block across the isthmus leading into the location.

2nd squad attacked north along with west side of the peninsula, while command squad moved along the east side. Command squad ran into heavy resistance in its drive north which cost the squad four including the commander.
v Command squad located and eliminated the criminal operatives, but the second in command was unable to locate Tereshkova, to secure documents known to be in her possession.

Command squad then proceeded to locate three supply trucks and destroy them, before returning south. The exfiltration plan was for command squad to replace 3rd squad and maintain the fireblock long enough to permit the rest of the force to evacuate.

3rd squad suffered an attack by a heavy machine gun technical which penetrated the fireblock, and eliminated a large number of 3rd squad. Once the others were aboard their boats, command squad retreated to its boat to return to base.
v Casualties were heavy. Command squad lost five including its commander, while 2nd squad lost three. 3rd squad lost all but three.

3) On Monday morning, naval intelligence staff for 2nd Bn, Chernarus 2nd Separate Naval Infantry Brigade reported that a separatist force had occupied the town of Rannanen in Virolahti that night before.

Relying on electronic and social media, recon staff said that the separatists, led by criminal operatives Georgi Horvat and Dasha Bilyalova, began arresting people and executing them. Brigade command staff ordered 2nd Bn to raid the town.

The amphibious task force landed three kilometers south on the coast, and started marching quickly northward. At landfall, 2nd squad encountered an enemy coastal foot patrol, and was delayed as they exchanged gunfire.

The tactical plan was for command squad and 2nd squad to attack the village and clear the area up to the command post where the criminal operatives' command post was located. The criminal command operatives were located and eliminated. Intelligence documents were seized.

Two technicals were posted by the separatists in town, including a Humvee heavy machine gun vehicle. Both technicals were eliminated quickly. 2nd squad continued to cover the advance of command squad as command squad moved to locate a mass execution site north of town.

As command squad and 2nd squad retreated south to the southern edge of town, enemy reinforcements appeared. Enemy counterfire was very heavy, and 2nd and 3rd squads suffered heavy casualties as the task force retreated back to the boats.

Casualties were very heavy. 2nd squad lost nine and 3rd squad lost seven. Command squad lost four.

4) Tuesday night, naval intelligence staff for Chernarus 2nd Separate Naval Infantry Brigade issued an operations brief outlining a separatist takeover of Markograd in Deniland, which took place the morning before.

Gjergi Kastrioti and Roza Vyalitsyna comprised a criminal command element which led enemy troops to Markograd with the intention of beginning ethnic cleansing operations against the local population.

Already three individuals of local note had been imprisoned, and the intelligence indicated they were planning their prisoners' execution, along with detentions and arrests of others.

The amphibious naval infantry task force landed on the coast about two kilometers southwest of Belen, and proceeded north along the main highway for a four kilometer rapid march to Markograd.

The tactical plan was for 3rd squad to attack Markograd north along the west side, while 2nd squad attacked along the road. Command squad would follow on on the east.

The rapid penetration of the enemy's defense zone meant that the operation to clear Markgrad went very quickly and efficiently. Command located the operations center of the two criminal operatives, and eliminated the command group, including Vyalitsyna, from whose dead body documents were seized.

The commander then located the three prisoners and released them. The three were escorted to the boats and evacuated to ship after a rapid retreat.

Casualties were light. Command squad lost one, while 2nd squad lost three, and 3rd squad lost two. The sensitive documents seized contained several indications of just how many new operations the enemy is planning for the future in Deniland.

5) A truckborne rifle group from 1st Bn, Chernarus 17th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack the town of Zhukovo in Beketov Thursday morning.

Zhukovo is the furthest northern extent of 17 Brigade's security zone, more than six kilometers north of the river Treshka. As such the operation was multifaceted one.

Zhukovo was taken over just the evening before by a separatist force led by criminal operatives Boris Yurinov and Lyudmila Grigorievka. Arrests and deportations by the separatists already had begun by sundown.

1st Bn recon staff learned through electronic intercepts that the separatists had arrested Zhukovo's mayor, her boyfriend and her boyfriend's sister, and were planning to execute them in the morning.

The tactical plan was for 3rd squad covered by a BRDM scout car would seize the western entrance to town, while 2nd squad seized the eastern side. The two AT missile BRDM-AT5s were to deploy to the east to cover the approach of any vehicles.

The first task was to clear the airport on the road to Zukovo, which command squad completed successfully. Just south of Zhukovo, 3rd squad ran into a patrol and was pinned down along with 2nd squad. The block was cleared by the BRDM scout cars.

In town, command squad cleared the middle section of town, finding and eliminating the criminal command group, and seizing sensitive documents from the dead body of Grigorieva.

As command squad continued clearing town several enemy vehicles attempted to enter town only to be stopped by the AT vehicles and by 2nd squad. Command squad rescued the prisoners then directed them to a waiting BRDM scout car for transport back across the Treshka river.

In the retreat, enemy reinforcements were closing in and pinned down 2nd squad from leaving. Fire from enemy technicals became intense, so much so 2nd squad lost its transport.

The task force successfully retreated from Zhukovo and back cross the river.

Casualties were heavy. Command squad lost two, 2nd squad lost three, 3rd squad lost two, two of the river patrols both lost a total of 13, after a sustained firefight between them and enemy river patrols. One BRDM-AT5 vehicle was ordered abandoned after receiving damage.

Enemy losses included five technicals.

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