Combat Summary, April 23rd, 2021 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from April 16th to April 22nd Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an increased pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in six operations in four regions.

1) Two rifle squads along with two technicals were sent by 10th Separate Tank brigade command staff to conduct patrols in the area of Nateln in Rosche. A few hours later the site commander said they were under attack by separatist forces and requested orders to retreat.

Commander 4th Bn Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade ordered a small mobile task force to Nateln late Friday morning to assist the two squads in evacuating Nateln.

By the time command squad arrived in Nateln, the enemy attack already was underway, and Scout 1, a BRDM scout car was destroyed by an RPG shot. Enemy rifle attacks from the north forced 3rd squad to dismount early delaying their arrival at their assigned position east of town.

Rifle attacks continued with varying intensity for nearly 20 minutes, as the two relieved squads boarded their transports and left. Enemy armor also pressed hard from the northwest with the task force's tanks stopping at least two such attacks.

The task force withdrew safely and in good order. Casualties were light with the BRDM and one technical destroyed. Field reports were that the separatists lost three armor vehicles including two BMPs and one technical.

2) A Chernarus private contractor special forces team was sent to Kouki in Virolahti Friday night to eliminate two criminal command operatives and to rescue three individuals who were being held there illegally.

Aleksandr Yevtushenko and Eliza Toska commanded a separatist force stationed there. They ordered the arrest of one of our informants who had gotten mixed up with a husband-wife team of aid workers. The word was all three were to be executed at dawn.

The team landed two kilometers southeast of the town and proceeded inland. When the team arrived they called in a pair of USMC F-35B ground interdiction aircraft contracted to provide air cover.

The team ran into heavy gunfire as they penetrated the separatists' security zone. Three of the five operators were killed in the ensuing firefight.

The commander located and eliminated the two operatives, but was unable to locate sensitive documents she was known to be carrying.

The commander also located and released the three prisoners and escorted them by foot to a rendezvous with an Chernarus Navy assault transport boat for evacuation.

The remaining members of the team returned safely to a command ship for debriefing.

3) On Saturday morning an amphibious amphibious rifle group from 1st Bn, 2nd Separate Naval Infantry Brigade was ordered to Vilkkila in Virolahti to clear the town of separatist troops. The enemy were led by a pair of criminal operatives, Aleksandr Evtushenko and Floriana Vuthaj.

As in the operation last week, the location is tight with shallow waters and rocky shorelines, limiting the locations of landings. The town was attacked by command squad and 2nd squad while 3rd squad was held back to block ingress of enemy reinforcements.

Command squad first destroyed the three supply trucks tasked by the mission, and then proceeded to locate and eliminate the two operatives. Commander also seized sensitive documents from the corpse of Vuthaj.

2nd squad in the meantime, was fired on by a heavy MRAP, a Humvee heavy machine gun vehicle, while cutting its size to half. Commander ordered an artillery smoke mission to cover 2nd squad's retreat to the shoreline.

Command squad gunners took several shots but eventually eliminated the Humvee. By this time, enemy reinforcements arrived, necessitating a full retreat from the area.

3rd squad did a magnificent job of holding back some enemy reinforcements, but in the end it was wiped out to a man. Commander ordered several smoke artillery mission to cover the retreat of the remnants of the rifle group to the boats.

Casualties were heavy. 3rd squad was wiped out, while 2nd squad lost eight. Command squad lost one. The seized intelligence materials were returned to recon staff of 1st Bn.

4) Commander, 3rd Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade ordered a task force to recover a tank abandoned a few weeks back in a position three kilometers north of Barmke in Werferlingen.

Recon reports said a small technical-heavy separatist force was spotted heading for the tank to reinforce the position, probably to capture the tank for their own use.

The tactical plan was to move Tank 1 and 2nd squad northwest in a flanking position, with 3rd squad and Tank 2 in a similar position, but in the east.

Command squad would then move to within 400 meters, dismount and attack any forces guarding the disabled tank.

Apparently, the enemy forces guarding the tank abandoned their positions, leaving the disabled tank alone. In succession, the tank was refueled, repaired and recrewed. The tank then was driven off to the south.

Enemy quick reaction forces appeared, but were struck with artillery missions called by the commander.

The task force retreated in good order south. Casualties included one BRDM scout car abandoned. The crew was evacuated south with 3rd squad.

5) A task force from 2nd Bn Chernarus 17th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack the town of Rylovo in Beketov early Monday morning.

The town was taken over by armed separatists led by Ilya Tekelija and Kato Gorbacheva. We now know after recovering sensitive documents from the person of Tekelija that the separatists' operation was to become start of an even more intense campaign.

The tactical plan was for 2nd and 3rd squads to dismount this vehicles on the main highway and proceed to the western side of town, while command squad, covered by a BRDM scout car would penetrate the security zone from the east.

One MI-24 attack helicopter and a pair of SU-25 ground interdiction fighters were providing air cover for the operation.

Command squad entered the town and immediately exchanged gunfire with the operatives' security detail. All three were killed by the commander.

After finding a dead drop of documents stolen by local friendly operatives, the commander ordered a retreat. As the task force left, one enemy BRDM entered town.

There were no casualties in the operation, and aside from the illegal command group, no enemy corpses were found.

6) Early Wednesday morning a private contractor special forces team returned to Kouki in Virolahti to eliminate a pair of criminal operatives and to rescue three prisoners.

Recall last Friday a private contractor special forces team went to the same location to eliminate a different pair of criminal operatives. That mission, which included rescuing a friendly operative, was a costly success.

This mission targeted Jovan Duka and Manja Novakovic, both of whom had taken over the town in the wake of the assassination of their colleagues by the special forces team the previous Friday.

The three prisoners taken all were humanitarian aid workers, a female leader, her cousin and her girlfriend, who ran afoul of the new operatives, and who were thrown into prison accused of spying for the Americans.

The team landed by boat, then proceeded inland. When they spotted a road patrol just west of Sydankila, the commander called in an AC-3 gunship to keep the patrol busy as the team slipped by.

In town, the team quickly and efficiently penetrated the local security zone with the aid of a pair of USMC F-35Bs contracted to provide air cover. The commander located and eliminated the criminal operatives, seizing sensitive documents from the body of Novakovic.

On the way to rescue the prisoners, the team sapper was killed in a grenade attack. The commander found the prisoners and released them. The team headed out of town without further contact.

On the way to the boat rendezvous, the team encountered a remnant of the road patrol they encountered earlier. The driver was eliminated along with his vehicle.

The handoff of the prisoners to the boat at the rendezvous went smoothly. The team then boarded their boat and returned to ship for debriefing.

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