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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from May 7th to May 13th Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an accelerated pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in six operations in five regions.

1) 4th Bn, Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade sent a task force to a location southwest of Nateln in Rosche to recover a tank Friday night.

Recon reports indicated that the separatists were planning to recover the tank themselves, after a small force was spotted guarding the tank. Bn operations staff knew the separatists already had stripped the tank of its fuel.

The tactical plan was for 2nd squad and one tank to push to a location west of the tank, while a separate tank with 3rd squad pushed along the highway to the east.

Command squad made contact first, spotting the infantry element guarding the tank, and opened fire. The firefight was brief, The commander sent his rifles forward to 100 meters north to guard the approaches to the tank.

After the tank was refueled and repaired, a tank crew brought along with the task force boarded the tank, and left the area.

The task force retreated in good order south to the forward zone. Casualties were light, with command squad losing one rifleman.

2) An attack force from 3rd Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack Rennau in Werferlingen Friday afternoon.

Battalion recon staff said that a separatist force led by criminal operatives Enver Kadare and Ersela Coba entered Rennau Friday morning, and began detaining people considered resistance operatives.

Two of those arrestees were informants in the pay of 3rd Bn recon staff, along with the uncle of one of the prisoners. In instances such as these, civilians charged as spies typically are executed quickly.

Rennau is situated less than a kilometer behind a natural defensive line of a river but in the south are open fields. The tactical plan was for the force to advance on Rennau from the southeast along a frontal line.

2nd squad would be supported by a tank on the left, while 3rd squad would be supported by a tank on the right. Command squad would have the additional support of a BRDM scout car.

Command squad entered the town and began to sweep west the town, up to the location of the operatives' command post. All the while command squad was under heavy machine gun fire from a reinforcing technical.

The commander came under machine gun fire from the operatives' security detail which another member of command squad killed. As the commander attempted entry into the command post, he was fired on by Kadare, who in turn was killed by another element of the squad.

The shots hit Coba, who was mortally wounded when commander entered the house. He took sensitive documents from the dead body of Coba.

In his final attack instructions from recon staff, the commander was told that a documents drop had been made a few hundred meters northwest of town. They consisted of maps and handwritten notes stolen from a separatist commander.

As the commander was returning from finding the dead drop, enemy armor appeared, Tank destroyed both vehicles, which included one tank. The task force then was ordered to retreat to a location south of Barmke.

Casualties were moderate. Command, 2nd and 3rd squads all had three losses each. Enemy losses included one BTR-80A and one T-34/85 tank. The prisoners were released and transported safely back to base for debriefing.

3) Elements of 1st Bn, Chernarus 2nd Naval Infantry Brigade returned to Altis and its coastal operations duties Saturday morning.

A well known humanitarian organization was preparing to send relief supplies by road from Pyrgos to the town of Panageia, but local separatist fighters refused to negotiate its passage.

Instead the local separatists opted to take over a bridge leading to the town, daring anyone to cross it on pain of being destroyed.

The marines' tactical plan was for 2nd and 3rd squad to approach the bridge from the east using the cover of gullies, while command squad covered their approach using artillery and machine gun fire.

Artillery from the Chernarus frigate Sword already was directed to destroy an antiaircraft shore battery just prior to landing. The commander also directed naval artillery to destroy two techncials and some enemy infantry at the area of operation.

As the two squads approached, command squad began its own approach from the south, after destroying enemy infantry posted to the west side of the road, and an enemy light technical appearing from the north.

Commander located an enemy top operative and killed her, and seized documents from her person. Another light technical appeared only to be destroyed by naval artillery

In is retreat, after being given the order to return to ship, the commander discovered that an enemy foot patrol eliminated the crew of command squad's boat. Command squad also eliminated at least one element of the enemy rifle squad.

The naval infantry force returned to ship safely. Only command squad had a single loss in the operation.

4) A Chernarus spetsnaz team was deployed to a central African mobocracy in Song Bin Tanh to assist the government in fighting rebels who were being aided by a number of Russian speaking PMCs. Wednesday afternoon the spetsnaz team was sent to Go Noi to defend the hamlet against an expected attack by rebel forces.

The tactical plan was for the force to be lined up west to east to face an attack coming from the north. The special forces team along with one of the Ugandan rifle squads defended the west side of the line, while 3rd squad defended the east.

The two BRDM scout cars were deployed about 200 meters forward to deal with incoming enemy vehicles. A supporting MI-24D attack helicopter was ordered to a river crossing to monitor enemy movements towards Go Noi.

Three firefights developed over the course of the battle, all of them in the west. Ugandan 2nd squad and the special forces team were hit hard in the attack, as was 3rd squad. Both BRDMs were destroyed by enemy RPG gunners.

When the retreat order came down, the commander realized the attack helicopter had been downed, but the pilot had survived. A separate operation was mounted to locate and extract the pilot, who was in the way of enemy forces arriving from the north.

3rd squad was damaged too heavily and was too slow to make to appointed deployment just across the river from the pilot, and was ordered back to Go Noi. 2nd squad, having arrived at its deployment at the river crossing then was ordered to take 3rd squad's place.

The spetnaz team, four operators (team red), crossed at the river crossing, leaving behind three (team green) to cover the crossing and to guard against any enemy infiltrators. By the time red team appeared at the down bird, an enemy Wagner unit appeared and forced the crossing.

Commander ordered team green to retreat back south to avoid a firefight with the enemy. The team lost two. Team red rendezvoused with team green and returned to Go Noi and their vehicles.

Losses were heavy. The spetsnaz team lost three, while 2nd squad lost three and 3rd squad lost four. Both BRDM scout cars were destroyed and one air crewmen was killed.

5) A Chernarus SpecOps team, along with two Ugandan rifle squads were sent to the no name village at Location 8329,4371, after it was reported it was taken over by rebel troops Wednesday night.

The rebels were led by two operatives, Ken Jones and Abiodun Amusa, who reportedly kidnapped three civilian aid workers who were living nearby. Ugandan intelligence were uncertain as to Jones' plans for the three.

The tactical plan was for the force to park their vehicles about 800 meters southeast from the village and move in by foot accompanied by two Ugandan BRDM scout cars.

2nd Ugandan squad was to penetrate the rebels' defensive zone on the northside of the main road, while the SpecOps team, along with Ugandan 3rd squad was to penetrate in the south.

The SpecOps team ran into a heavy machine gun technical which killed five team members including the commander. Counterfire by 3rd squad eliminated the technical as well as a number of enemy infantry patrolling the area.

The commander was unable to locate the dead body body of Amusa to take documents she was known to be carrying, even though reports were the operatives were dead.

As the remnants of the SpecOps team closed in to release the prisoners, an enemy patrol entered the town from the south, as did two heavy machine gun technicals. All those forces were rapidly destroyed by friendly troops.

Losses were catastrophic. The SpecOps team lost six, while 2nd squad lost six. 3rd squad lost three. Two BRDM crewmen were killed.

6) Recon staff for Chernarus 1st Army Corps received word a pair of informants requested to be evacuated from Novaya Petrovka in northern Chernarus.

The informants came close to capture by the authorities when they visited a friend for a birthday party. They fled to hide in an abandoned machine shop in town.

A Chernarus defense Forces spec ops team attached to 1st Army Corps was ordered to perform the extraction Wednesday night.

The team landed by CDF MI-24 helicopter just 500 meters southwest of town and began to penetrate the enemy security zone. Air cover was provided by a second CDF MI-24 helicopter which destroyed a pair of technicals which were parked near the building.

The informants were recovered and transported along with the spec ops team back to the base in Balota for debriefing. There were no losses.

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