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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from May 14th to May 20th Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an accelerated pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in eight operations in seven regions.

1) Battalion recon staff for 4th Bn, Chernarus 10th Tank Brigade issued a warning order that separatist forces would attack and take over the town of Klein Pritzier in Rosche Friday afternoon.

A task force was assembled and road marched to Klein Pritzier to deploy and deal with the expected enemy attack. Recon staff said this attack was partly the result of the civilian evacuation operation conducted two weeks ago in Wellendorf.

Three enemy technicals appeared in town early, two of them in command squad's area of operation. 2nd squad was deployed to the west while 3rd squad was deployed in the east, as part of the tactical plan.

Command squad was the focus of two armor attacks by two BRDM scout cars, both of which were destroyed by squad RPG gunners. Another wheeled armor attack took place well to the north, and was stopped by Tank 2.

Enemy infantry attacks arrived at the flanks, and both attacks managed to place infiltrators in the rear of the task force's deployment. Newly arriving relief forces were tasked to eliminate them.

One enemy BMP came to within 300 meters of command squad, but was stopped by Tank 1. A T-34/85 tank attacked Tank 2 just as the task force was preparing to retreat from town. It was destroyed by Tank 2.

Casualties were very light with 3nd squad losing one. Field counts were the enemy lost three technicals, three BRDMs, one BTR-80A, one unidentified BMP IFV ,and one T-34/85 tank.

2) A Chernarus special forces team based in a central African mobocracy, received intelligence that rebel fighters were heading for the village of Tam Ky in Song Bin Tanh, in order to take it over.

The road march to Tam Ky goes through one of the most heavily patrolled areas of Song Bin Tanh. One of the truck mounted Ugandan rifle squads was fired on before pushing on.

The special forces team dismounted their SUV, attempting to do a sweep, but the fighters were nowhere to be found.

The tactical plan for the defense of the village was for 2nd squad and the special forces team to deploy on the west side of Tam Ky, overlooking the river, while 3rd squad deployed to the east.

The two BRDM scout cars deployed on the road to the north.

By field count, the attackers were either Russian private contractors or special forces. All the attacks came from the north or the northwest. Enemy technicals were attacking the scout cars from the north.

When the order came down to retreat, one Russian speaking special force squad attacked from the rear, but the attackers were quickly eliminated.

During the retreat, 2nd squad, after arriving at rally 1, was attacked by a foot patrol and cut down by three. The special forces team arrived at rally 1, attempting to relieve 2nd squad, but by then the attackers had disappeared into the jungle.

Losses were moderate. 2nd squad lost five, while 3rd squad lost two. The special forces team lost one. Enemy vehicle losses included three technicals.

3) A warning order was issued by 3rd Bn recon staff, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade indicating that a separatist armor heavy force was heading to Ribbensdorf in Werferlingen Saturday night.

A separate probe being conducted by 4th Bn (Tank) forced the separatists into attempting to flank 4th Bn operating in the east. Bn commander was tasked with stopping the separatists at Ribbensdorf.
v After a 25 minute road march the task force assigned the mission was deployed. Infantry attacks began on the west side of the defensive zone, and while the attacks were halted, some infantry infiltrated into the defensive zone.

Armor attacks took place, almost all of them in the west on the main road. First a pair of BRDMs. then a tank were attempting to drive into the defensive zone only to be stopped by Tank 1 and 2nd squad.

A reinforcing element consisting of one tank and two BTR rifle squads arrived in town. One of the rifle squads was ordered to the west to commence mopping up operations again infiltrators. Armor attacks continued.

The east side of the defensive zone suffered attacks as well, including rifle attacks and one enemy T-55. When the order came down to retreat, it began the collapsing of the defensive deployment for retreat south to rally 1.

Losses were extremely light. 2nd squad lost one. Enemy losses included three T-55 tanks, three BRDMs and one BMP, according to field counts.

4) A task force from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 33rd Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack and clear the town of Thurau in Cham Sunday morning.

Battalion recon staff said the town was taken over the night before by a separatist force led by the criminal operatives Ruslan Kravchuck and Agnesa Lajcaj, who had brought with them an 82mm mortar battery.

The tactical plan was for the two BRDM scout cars, Tank 2, and 2nd and 3rd squad to attack across the bridge southwest of town, while command squad and Tank 1 attacked across the bridge from the southeast.

2nd and 3rd squad experienced delays in getting to their assigned objectives, while command squad overran the separatists' eastern flank, including the mortar battery.

The two enemy operatives were located and eliminated, albeit at the cost of the task force commander. The second in command called for a retreat to the south after it was clear enemy resistance had collapsed.

Scout one made it across the southwestern bridge when separatist armor appeared to the east. Both 2nd and 3rd squad refused to retreat over the bridge. The commander sent in his tanks to clear the block, now expanded to two T-55s and a BMP IFV.

One T-55 was destroyed as was the BMP, at the cost of Tank 2. The two infantry squads still refused to move. The commander mounted his squad and drove back into town to get the two squads to leave.

Command squad directed tank gunfire against the remaining T-55, which was destroyed, clearing the way for the rest of the task force to retreat south.

Casualties were high. Command squad lost two, while 2nd squad lost six and 3rd squad lost three. Enemy losses included the mortar battery, two T-55s, two technicals and the BMP.

5) A Chernarus Defense Forces special forces team, attached directly to Chernarus 2nd Army Corps was assigned an assassination mission in Zaitsevo in Beketov early Monday morning.

2nd Corps recon staff reported they found that a new separatist force entered Zaitsevo the night before and began rounding up political opponents. Recon reported that between 10 and 20 civilians were executed and their bodies were dumped near by.

The team was assigned the elimination of a pair of criminal operatives, Ilya Tekelija and Katerina Pimenova, both well known by Chernarus military as well as civilian intelligence agencies.

The team was supported by two MI-24 attack helicopters, one to be used as transport with the other to be used to provide close air support.

The team landed about 600 meters south of Zaitsevo and proceeded into town as air support attacked vehicles and riflemen in town. Fire fights were heavy for the team, as they came up a Russian special forces team.

The team commander was killed by a special forces sniper.

The team second in command pushed up to the operatives' command post and eliminated them as well as their security detail. Documents were found on the dead body of Pimenova and seized by the commander.

The commander went to the suspected location of the execution site and recorded the atrocity before ordering his team to the landing zone for extract.

As the team was leaving, a number of enemy reinforcements arrived, but were dealt with by air support.

Casualties were moderate with the team commander being killed.

6) A Chernarus naval task force operating off the eastern coast of Altis ordered a special forces team Tuesday night to southeastern Altis with orders to gather intelligence and to eliminate a pair of enemy operatives.

Through signals intelligence, mainly emails, email intercepts and text messages, the recon staff of the task force found that a separatist force had occupied a formerly abandoned base.

The team landed on the southeastern tip of Altis by powered Zodiac and and proceeded inland to the base. Assisting with air cover was two Hellenic F4 Phantom fighters.

Originally, the tactical plan was for the two fighters to attack vehicle targets and create sufficient confusion to allow the team to enter the compound and perform their tasks.

The two birds were late in arriving, but the commander decided to attack the compound anyway, entering it after several intense firefights. The two operatives were found inside a building and were eliminated. The commander also seized documents from one of the operatives.

After completing the main task, the commander headed to a location west of the compound to search for a dead drop of documents. Naval intelligence staff had been in contact with one of their operatives and arranged the drop to be performed there.

As the commander was turning his team back to the boat, he observed some enemy reinforcements heading towards the compound. His team hurriedly disappeared into the night.

There were no casualties.

7) An infantry task force from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was issued a warning order by brigade recon staff that separatists would attempt to take Dolina from the march Wednesday afternoon.

The tactical defense plan was for the 2nd squad along with Scout 1 BRDM scout car take up positions on the west side of the hamlet, while 3rd squad took up positions with Scout 2 on the east side. Command squad would take the center area.

The enemy first arrived with two technicals, both heavy machine gun vehicles, and both of which were destroyed by 2d squad. 2nd squad lost two in the encounter.

Enemy infantry arrived only a few minutes later from the northwest. They attacked Scout 1 with RPG fire, destroying it and damaging a stone building next to it. The explosion also killed five elements in command squad and three more in 2nd squad.

Enemy infantry continued to pour into town, this time from the north as well as the northwest. The persistent attacks ground down the task force to a fraction of its original strength. By the time the order to retreat came down, the task force was in tatters.

Scout 2 was ordered to retreat via the coastal highway to the east, while 2nd and 3rd squads were ordered to retreat to the south. When it was clear the rifles were moving out of Dolina, command squad began its own retreat.

Commander ordered Scout 2 to rendezvous with command squad two kilometers south of Dolina, which then took the remnants of command squad, two effectives, back to base near Pusta.

Losses were catastrophic. 2nd squad was wiped out. 3rd squad lost six and command squad lost eight.

8) A Ugandan Army rifle detachment, led by Chernarus army special forces team was ordered to raid the village of Dong Ha in Song Bin Tanh early Thursday morning.

Ugandan army intelligence reported that the village was being occupied by an amalgam of enemy forces, including Russian PMCs. Additionally, Ugandan intelligence reported a dead drop of stolen enemy documents relating to the area was being arranged.

The enemy force was led by a pair of operatives, Harcour Obasi and Patti Agoro, neither one of which Ugandan intelligence had heard of before.

The tactical plan was for the entire force, led by the two Ugandan Army BRDM scout cars, to advance into Dong Ha along a broad front, going east to west. Providing support would be one Ugandan army MI-24 gunship.

The special forces team with 2nd squad advancing on their northern flank closed to the operatives' command post, but were unable to locate them. Ugandan intelligence said the operatives both would have critical documents on their persons.

Town clearing took several minutes, but in the end, the town was retaken. The commander found the dead drop and recovered the documents. The retreat back to base took place smoothly and without enemy interference.

Losses were light. One crewman from one of the BRDMs was killed.

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