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Says Rozhin:

Russian citizen Sofia Sapega is facing 12 years in prison.

She will be charged within 10 days.

The current term of detention is two months.

The incrimination is incitement to hatred.

As a teaser, the special services of Belarus released screenshots from Sapaga's phone (nickname SA) where she discusses the purchase and publication of personal data of Belarusian officials and security officials.

As the yet unidentified "Curator" reports, for a good job they can "throw 200 euros".

As they say. now polite KGB officers know your gender (and not only gender).

This is to the question of shouts about “she was forced to slander into herself,” “she has nothing to do with politics,” and so on. An extraordinary way of detention brought an extraordinary catch.

Regarding the fate of Sapieha:

Since this is a citizen of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation must, of course, follow all the established procedures laid down for the detention of Russian citizens abroad. The state must certainly carefully monitor what happens to the detained citizens of the Russian Federation abroad. This is what the Russian Foreign Ministry is doing now, regularly informing about the Sapega case.

Taking into account what Sapieha was doing (in the Russian Federation, such figures are landed at a time), as before I think, the verdict (with all respect for her Russian citizenship and disrespect for her Baltic place of residence) should be imposed on her in Belarus (against which she conducted subversive activities ), and she can serve it in Russia, by agreement between the Russian Federation and Belarus. Of course, the FSB officers, it seems, would also be interested in working with citizen Sapieha, given that she was an accomplice in the organized persecution of Russian citizens and journalists.

The term of the sentence depends on how sincerely and actively Sapega will cooperate with the investigation.

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